How To Pick A Perfect Name For A Puppy

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By David Woods

The name you choose for your puppy will stay with both of you forever, so it’s important that you choose one that you will always love. But with thousands of names to choose from, how do you pin down the perfect puppy name?

Below, we’ll go over some tips to help you choose a name that not only suits your puppy, but that your pup is more likely to respond to during training.

Tip #1: Don’t Choose Something Too Long

Aside from choosing a name that suits your puppy, you also want one that allows you to recall your pup with ease. Keeping your puppy’s name short means that it will be easy to call them to you if you need to, and to get their attention quickly.

Try and limit your puppy’s name to two or three vowels. If you have your heart set on a longer name, see if you can find a way to shorten if and use a nickname. For example, if you love the name “Samantha” for your puppy, opt to refer to him as “Sam” or “Sammi” on a regular basis.

Tip #2: Use Your Pup’s Personality or Appearance to Influence Their Name

Is your dog exceptionally cheeky? Lively? Funny? Playful? How about choosing a name to reflect their very unique personality? For example, if you have a particularly bold dog, you could name him “Archie,” which means true and bold.

Another way to pick a unique and fitting name for your puppy is to choose one based on their fur color or another aspect of his appearance. A clever way to do this is name him after his color in a different language. For example, if your puppy is white you could call him “Blanco.”

Tip #3 Use Sounds That Appeal to Dogs

Including a hard consonant sound such as K or C will help your dog distinguish their name from other sounds.

Hard consonants create different sound frequencies, which demand a dog’s attention more and are therefore more likely to be learned and remembers. It’s no wonder there are so many good dogs out there named “Cooper,” “Kiki,” and “Katie.”

While we’re discussing sounds, try not to choose a name which sounds like any commands that you want to use often with your dog. “Spot” might be a classic, but it sounds an awful lot like “stop,” which could get confusing.

Tip #4: Take Inspiration From a Movie or Celebrity

If you’ve always loved a specific movie, why not name your pup after one of the main characters? Alternatively, you could choose a long-time favorite musician of yours. A word of advice though: If you do choose a movie star or other celebrity, make sure it’s someone you really love. You don’t want to end up naming your puppy after someone you’re no longer a fan of a couple years down the road. 

Tip #5: Choose Something You’d Be Happy Shouting in a Crowded Park

Before you give your perfect little pup a name, make sure that you feel comfortable using it, not only in your own backyard but also in a crowded place. Would you really be happy yelling “Chew-Barka” in front of lots of strangers?

Once you’ve decided on a name, test it out in various different places to ensure you like the sound of it. If it makes you smile each time you say it, then you’ll know it’s the right one for your pup! 

Teach Your Puppy Their Name

Really, the only the thing that is essential when it comes to choosing a name for your puppy is that he or she is able to learn it. Spend time focusing on teaching your puppy their new moniker once you’ve chosen the perfect name for them.

The first thing a dog learns is usually its name, and it’s one of the easiest things to teach them. For 5-10 minutes every day for the first week they’re with you, just call out their name and smile. When you have their attention, give lots of praise him and a treat. feed him a treat. Soon, your puppy will love their name just as much as you do.

David Woods is a pet-lover and blogger at My Pets Name. He has two dogs, two degrees and is a graduate in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare. He is also a volunteer dog trainer

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