Is Raw Dog Food Healthy and Safe?

January 21, 2019 by Tails Magazine in Featured, Wellness with 0 Comments

Caring for your dog involves a number of things, including paying special attention to his diet. The raw food diet, which includes raw meat and bones, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, is gaining steam among experts and pet parents alike. But is it a good choice for your pup?

Why should you consider the raw food diet for your pet friend?

It has been suggested that the raw food diet was pursued by dogs before they were domesticated. It’s said to bring about positive changes like a shinier coat and healthier skin and teeth. Dogs fed with raw food may also experience higher levels of energy, as opposed to those who eat commercial food.

What does a raw food diet entail?

Raw meat is a large staple of this diet, preferably meat that is still attached to the bone. You can also give whole bones, as well as organ meat (liver, kidneys, etc.). Raw eggs can be given too, but should come from a local and trusted source so as to avoid the risk of Salmonella infections.

Fresh vegetables, preferably those that are in season, can be included in the daily diet. Options include things like broccoli, celery, and spinach, though you can get pretty creative with the veggies you give your dog. As for fruits, apples stand at the top of the option list. Dairy, such as yogurt, can also be given in moderation, though look for any signs of discomfort as some dogs are lactose intolerant.

Not all raw foods are allowed

Just because you have decided on the raw food diet for your dog doesn’t mean you can feed them anything you want. Certain foods are toxic to your dog, such as onions and garlic, avocados, grapes and raisins, and macadamia nuts.

How to buy cheap dog food

Raw diets can get expensive. You can help keep costs down by offering a mixed diet to your dog, which consists of some raw food and some commercial food. Make use of discounts to buy dog food at cheaper prices, and keep an eye on online sales and last-minute offers. Always purchase dog food from reputable sources so as to ensure the best-quality diet for your furry friend.

Verdict: Is raw dog food healthy and safe?

Yes. As long as the food comes from trustworthy sources, a raw food diet is completely safe. Discuss your dog’s diet with an experienced veterinarian, exploring raw food options and choosing the best meals for their health. Have your vet examine your pup on a regular basis to ensure he’s doing the best on his diet.

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