Note from the Founder – April/May 2018


If you watch the animals around you, you will notice them tuning into their surroundings, checking in with their internal guidance systems before making their next move. The other night I was driving down the alley to my garage. I spotted a bunny in front of my car so I slowed down. I watched him quickly hop away, then pause to check and see if he could still see, hear, or feel the vibration of my tires on the pavement. Once he finished his surveying, he hopped along again, darting in and around garbage cans, stopping every few seconds to see if danger still loomed. Eventually he found a hole in a neighbor’s fence and fled to safety.

How did the bunny learn to do this? How have generations of bunnies survived without attending school or following social media to hear about the latest trends and dangers out on the streets? Animals are born with those instincts, knowing how to survive and thrive, just as we are.

I believe humans begin to get confused as we’re introduced to other methods and ways to “succeed,” relying on external facts, material possessions, the advice of others, and all of the “shoulds” we hear starting at an early age. While there is value in what we learn from outside forces, nothing can replace the deep knowing each of us carries within.

I have been meditating on a regular basis for more than a year, and the impact it has had in all areas of my life is enormous. The more I immerse myself in reconnecting with that small, still voice inside of me, the more I realize the process is essentially an unlearning— a dismantling of the barriers I have to trusting myself fully, and a knocking down all of the walls I have built as protection. At one time they may have served me, but now I see they are blocking my growth.

As we watch nature do its thing this spring, when everything turns green and colorful and full of life once again, it’s the perfect time to tune in to ourselves—becoming more aware of our own thoughts and beliefs. If you need some inspiration, just turn to your pets. Observe your cat’s morning stretch and big yawn, your dog’s extra-long nap in the sun, and their innate desire to play and move their bodies. Our animals are always authentic, constantly communicating their wants and needs.

My big, sweet, 90-pound four-legged baby has no issues asking for love and attention, honoring her truth—a desire for on-demand head rubs and ear scratches. Tula does not care if I am reading, writing, or trying to relax… she will continuously nudge her snout under my hand, attempting a “self pet” if I am not actively participating. She is not shy about knowing what she wants and acting on it. In my 40s, this is an art I am still perfecting, and I learn from her every day.

Spring is a time of renewal, as the world comes alive and embraces its beauty. What an incredible feat it would be if all of us could do the same.

Wishing you time each day to be still and listen. You will be amazed by what you hear—


Janice Gork

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