Note from the Founder – October/November 2016


Is the world getting crazier? Or is it that we now have greater access to photos, videos, and other instant ways of sharing information, enabling us to witness an increased number of the tragic events that have existed among us for years? It feels as if everyday I wake up to news about another shooting, political battle, or situation of human suffering that cuts deeply.

It takes a conscious elimination of negative influences on my part to remain focused on what matters most in my life: The safety, health, and well-being of those I love. Surrounding myself with uplifting, inspiring people and stories, and putting my energy into activities that are adding value and doing some good in the world, counterbalances the fear that is running rampant in our communities. It also helps me feel productive rather than helpless.

While my inbox may be more skewed than most towards animal-related items, the amount of videos, stories, and memes that I see starring animals is definitely on the rise. There are an abundance of websites dedicated to celebrating the incredible feats animals accomplish out in the world. Whether helping people live more active lives, sniffing out dangerous situations, visiting sick people in the hospital, or simply hanging out and looking adorable, animals have a huge, positive impact on our moods and health.

img_9310We crave connection in the midst of uncertainty and confusion at any age, and who offers a safer space to do that than animals? Never holding a grudge when we miss a walk or if breakfast isn’t actually served until lunchtime, our loving and supportive pets are full of pure, authentic acceptance— something we could all use more of in our lives.

One of my favorite jobs as a mom is taking my youngest daughter to the horse barn. For some it may sound like a burden to drive 70 miles round trip on a regular basis, but to me it is a highlight of my week. From the moment that my 10 year old prepares Bubbles to ride to the final part of the evening when she lovingly brushes her and rewards her with some mints, my girl is deeply joyful and connected to a part of herself that may not be present throughout the rest of the week.

I believe each of us deserves some time to be present and relish in our “happy place”— whatever it may be. It is from that space within ourselves that we do and feel our best. When we are surrounded by love we are content and fulfilled; we are nicer, kinder, more giving people. That is something I can get behind.

I encourage you to take some quiet time to let your pet be your guide to connecting with your inner joy. When the noise from the outside world begins to fade away, you may be surprised by the wisdom that emerges and rises to the top.

Wishing you peace, love, and lots of laughter—


Janice Gork


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