Talking Cat Obsessions with Angela Kinsey of “The Office”

Angela Kinsey

Love her or fear her, nobody so hilariously embodied the “crazy cat lady” persona more than Angela Kinsey’s stoic Angela Martin on The Office. Because if there’s one thing we know for sure about Angela Martin, it’s that while she may have general abhorrence for most of the people she shares the world with, she is really, truly, overbearingly in love with her kitty brood.

Kinsey’s secret to playing her Office character so well may just be rooted in a little bit of truth—Kinsey (who, unlike the character she made famous, is actually a wonderfully pleasant woman) is a longtime animal lover with a special place in her heart for cats. She’s parlayed this passion not only into playing terribly convincing cat fiends on TV, but also into a dedication to rescue and adoption. She’s also brought her feline enthusiasm to Tidy Cat’s new Stank Face campaign.

It's no wonder Kinsey's cats, Oreo and Snickers, like to snuggle up on a Dunder Mifflin sweatshirt.

It’s no wonder Kinsey’s cats, Oreo and Snickers, like to snuggle up on a Dunder Mifflin sweatshirt.

We chatted with Kinsey via email to learn more about the animals she loves, her involvement with the Stank Face campaign, and just how much she differs from Angela Martin in her kitty obsession (hint: not that much).

TAILS: Who are your pets?

Angela Kinsey: We have Biscuit and Buster (two Chihuahua mixes), and Oreo and Snickers (two cats that are sisters).

We were very sorry to learn that your cat, Otter, recently passed away. Do you have any advice for others who are dealing with the grief of losing a pet?  

We all deal with loss differently, but what seems to help us is telling stories about Otter. I found old photos of her right after I adopted her and we looked through those. My daughter liked the stories and old photos a lot. We also had a photo of her printed on wood. It’s a great 8×10 and it sits on the bookshelf in our house. The company we used was Prints on Wood. It is our little keepsake of her.

Have your other pets helped you cope with losing Otter?

Absolutely. We love them and they bring us so much comfort.

What is your favorite part about being a cat mom?

I just love their different personalities. Otter was such an athletic cat when she was younger. She could get on top of anything. Snickers is always asleep in my desk chair. She is next to me as I do this interview. She is my warm cozy cat pillow. Oreo finds the most random places to sleep. Her new favorite spot is an old Lego box that we can’t throw away because she loves it so much. I mean she has a nice cat bed, a cat tree, a blanket…but she wants the Lego box. I just love all of their little quirks! They always bring a smile to my face.

What about being a dog mom?

My dogs are real snuggle bunnies. They love to burrow under blankets and make for fun sofa pals on movie night at home. The kids love playing fetch with them. They are always so happy to see us every day. I love that the kids get that big greeting from the dogs when they come home. Lots of love here.

What are the biggest differences you see between having cats and having dogs? How is it similar? 

Our cats are loving, but definitely on their terms. They come and find us at night and want to snuggle. They both like to come in close and sniff your face. It is really sweet. The dogs want to be in our laps 24/7. They never want alone time. I think those are the biggest differences. But they all love treats—it is the unifying bond between our pets!

"Just an old gal and some cats, reading scripts while on sinus infection meds...you know classic Hollywood glamour stuff." - Angela Kinsey, Instagram

“Just an old gal and some cats, reading scripts while on sinus infection meds…you know classic Hollywood glamour stuff.” – Angela Kinsey, Instagram

Are you in any way like Angela Martin when it comes to your pets?

I think so. I mean, I talk to them a lot. I am sure I seem like a crazy cat lady. I have full conversations with my cats and dogs. And our pets are like family. Angela Martin was a tad obsessed. I mean I don’t have a kitty camera in our house, but I have to say there are times I wish I did!

You’ve recently partnered with Tidy Cats to promote their “Stop Stank Face” campaign. What got you interested in this collaboration?

Getting ready to shoot the Stank Face PSA

Getting ready to shoot the Stank Face PSA

I loved the idea of the Stank Face campaign. I loved how playful and funny Tidy Cats was in approaching those times when you let the kitty litter go too long without changing it. I thought people would be able to relate. I know I could as a pet owner. And I think my love of cats and the fact that I played a cat lady for nine years on The Office made me a good fit.

How might Angela Martin deal with the stank face problem?

Ha! Well, now Angela Martin would never have Stank Face, would she? She is the “perfect” cat lady. She always meets the need of her cats on time! And if she ever did have Stank Face she would never admit to it publicly. I think her biggest concern would be not letting Dwight be in charge of the litter or anything to do with her cats for that matter. Remember Sprinkles?

To see Kinsey’s hilarious PSA about the horrors of stinky kitty litter, click here.

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