From China to Illinois: Hui Hui Has Finally Made it Home

December 22, 2015 by Tails Magazine in News with 0 Comments

Back in the August/September issue we shared the story of Hui Hui, a dog pulled from a cart on her way to a slaughterhouse in China. China’s dog meat industry is a small but pervasive part of the culture in certain regions, and rescue groups within the country and across the globe work hard to save dogs from the cruel fate of the slaughterhouse.

Hui Hui’s rescue was facilitated by Chicago-based 4 Greyhound Racers, along with the Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project and groups within China. The process for this brave girl from rescue to re-homing was long––fostering, medical care, and over seven thousand miles had to pass before she found her forever family. An update from Steven Anderson with 4 Greyhound Racers tells the full story of Hui Hui’s rescue:

“Hui Hui came over to the states in early October accompanied by her foster dad from Tangshan.

Also in October she had her consultation for her leg. It was found that Hui Hui’s leg had marked muscle atrophy as well as demineralization of her distal radius and carpus. Additionally, her carpal joints had become fused with the carpus locked in the flexed position.  Nerve damage was also found. The continued demineralization and atrophy would have become more and more of a hindrance as time went on so it was decided we would amputate her leg as unfortunately, there was not much else we could do for an injury of this type. Also, this was not an injury that could have been corrected even if we had gotten her to the states sooner which was nice to know. 

Sadly, at the same time it was found Hui Hui also had a depression over the right frontal sinus from suspect trauma (In layman’s term she had a fractured sinus which has healed but believe was likely another injury sustained, in addition to her leg injury, as a result of being jammed into the crate during transport to slaughter).

Still, after recovering from the amputation and later her spay last month, she was adopted earlier this month!”

It was an arduous journey, but well worth it. Congratulations to Hui Hui and her new family!

Hui Hui is right at home with her new parents and siblings (both human and dog).

Hui Hui is right at home with her new parents and siblings (both human and dog).

For more of Hui Hui’s story, visit Facebook.com/HuiHuiTheGreyhound/.

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