The 15th Annual Holiday Gift Guide


We know you’ll love these products as much as we do! Enter the TAILS Holiday Grab Bag Giveaway and win one of these awesome items.

BISCUIT TINS // Bocce’s Bakery ($15.50/each)






These small batch biscuits are wheat-free and made from human-grade ingredients, so they’re perfect for sensitive tummies. The decadent flavors range from truffle mac n’ cheese to lobster roll to green juice, meaning you may be a little jealous come snack-time. // BoccesBakery.com

OLLYBOTTLE // OllyDog ($13)







Share water with your pet without sharing their slobber. The OllyBottle is a BPA-free water bottle with a detachable bowl, making it perfect for long walks or hikes. Bonus: The bright colors mean that kids love it too! // OllyDog.com

COLLARS // UpCountry ($21)







We’re in love with the fun designs from UpCountry’s newly released dog collar collection. These collars are made in the USA and perfect for when your dog wants to strut her style (and durable enough for when she just wants to roll around in the mud). // UpCountryInc.com

ORGANIC CATNIP // Sojos ($7.95)






Does your kitty like to feel groovy? Give her a pinch of this hand-harvested, all-natural catnip one or two times a week. It’s safe for all cats and provides a burst of good feelings lasting about five to fifteen minutes. // Sojos.com

YAKTRAX WALK // Yaktrax ($20)







Say goodbye to slips and spills: Simply slip a pair of Yaktrax Walk over your everyday shoes for lightweight, spikeless traction that will make winter walks over ice and snow feel like, well, a walk in the (iceless and snowless) park. // Yaktrax.com

POOCH PAMPERING PACKAGE // Divas & Studs ($26.99)









Divas & Studs make touch-up grooming as easy as can be. Their cleansing wipes slip onto your finger, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly clean around your pup’s eyes, ears, and mouth. All formulas are paraben-free and gentle enough for daily use. // LAFreshGroup.com

KITTY MINT DENTAL STICK // Petstages ($3.99)







Cleaning your cat’s teeth is not an easy task. Enter the Mint Stick from Petstages. Stuffed with fresh dried mint (a closely appealing cousin to catnip), the stick freshens your cat’s breath and helps gently remove soft tartar from teeth. // Petstages.com

CRUISER LEASH // Lasso Rope Works ($35)








For the dog who insists on only the finest accessories. This leash is made of interwoven recycled rope and is as polished as it is strong. A cushioned grip means it’s comfortable on your end of the leash, too. // LassoPR.com

SLO-BOWL // Kyjen ($14.99-$19.99)







For too-fast eaters or just dogs who want their mealtime to have a little bit more fun involved. The Slo-bowl forces dogs to “chase” their food through a fun and colorful maze, making meals slower and significantly more rewarding. // Shop.Kyjen.com

CAT ROLLING PIN // Valek Rolling Pins ($38.96)







Are you a cat lover who also loves to bake? Four words: Kitty printed pie crust! This handmade wooden rolling pin perfectly embosses your pies, cookies, and fondant with adorable little kitties. You can even use it with clay and Play-Doh if you’re feeling artsy. // ValekRollingPins.com or visit their Etsy shop

CANVAS LOG FETCH DOG TOY // Harry Barker ($10-$12)







Get your pup in the holiday spirit. Inspired by yule logs, these joyful squeaker toys are made with heavy-duty canvas and eco-fiberfill, making them as safe and fun as they are festive. // HarryBarker.com

ALOE VERA SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER // Organic Oscar ($12.99/each)









For nourished skin and a smooth, healthy coat look no further than the soothing formulas from Organic Oscar. Made from 90% certified organic ingredients and fully biodegradable, with no soaps, parabens, dyes, sulfates, or petroleum-based ingredients, it’s an easy pick for eco-friendly dog parents. // OrganicOscar.com

TREAT SMARTS // Lincoln Bark ($11.99/each)







Treat your dog to the very best with Treat Smarts. These small treats provide more calcium per serving than a glass of milk and are chockfull of good stuff like chia seeds, amino acids, and Omega-3 fatty acids. // LincolnBark.com

KITTY CONNECTION PLAYGROUND // Innovation Pet ($19.99-$29.99)











An indoor playground featuring multiple scratching surfaces, a tunnel, perches, and plenty of doo-dads to keep your kitty entertained. // Petco.com

ACTIVITY MONITOR // Whistle ($99)








Simply attach the Whistle Activity Monitor to your dog’s everyday collar and easy track his daily activity and rest. Set progress, track goals, and view highlights, all from your Apple or Android device. // Whistle.com

COFFEE // Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. ($8.75+)








It’s coffee for a cause. Produced by animal lovers for animal lovers, 20% of sales from this 100% fair trade and organic certified coffee goes to animal-rescue organizations. // GroundsAndHoundsCoffee.com

LORDLY PUSS BOWL // Felli-Pet ($32.99)