Tattle Tails with Chaz Dean


Celebrity stylist Chaz Dean is world renowned for his creativity and expertise, but there’s another reason people love visiting his Hollywood salon: puppy love. Dean’s a proud pet parent whose dogs go with him everywhere, including to work. (What could be better than tail wags and canine kisses while you’re waiting for your hair dye to set?) In fact, dogs are such a big part of his life that Dean recently expanded his successful WEN hair care line to include specially formulated pet products.

We chatted with Dean to learn more about his adorable four-legged pack, his new pet pampering products, and his best grooming tips.

TAILS: Tell us about your dogs.
Chaz Dean: All four of my dogs are Labradors. Bella and Riley are one year old, and Hunter and Spencer are six-and-a-half.

How do you manage with four? Do they all get along?
Despite some sibling rivalry, there’s a lot of love and it’s been so rewarding to watch the boys slowly warm up to the girls’ constant need to play and get their attention. They’ve grown into a very connected pack. They play, train, eat, and take walks together. Even when it’s downtime they snuggle up for a nap often two or more in a single dog bed!


Chaz with his pack; (from left to right): Spencer, Bella, Hunter, Riley.

Did you grow up with pets?
Yes. From the time I was young, I’ve had dogs, cats, and fish, but I’ve always felt a special connection with my dogs.

Your dogs travel with you to work on a regular basis. How do you keep them occupied while you’re busy?
Whether at the salon or on the set of QVC, the dogs are very social. Interacting with the clients, hosts, and models keep them entertained and happy. They are very well trained and their handlers travel with us to make sure their needs are met, that they’re behaved, and that they’re getting enough exercise and sleep during QVC shows. The minute they come off of the plane [for a trip to QVC] they know where they are and the highlight of their trip is going for long hikes in the Pennsylvania wilderness.

What have you learned from being a pet parent?
Patience, understanding, and unconditional love.

What motivated you to get involved in the pet industry?
I was regularly grooming my dogs with WEN Cleansing Conditioner and decided to make a formula that was specific to their needs. My clients, many of whom had already told me they use their WEN products on their pets, adamantly requested that I create a special product for our furry friends.

Is it very different making products for pet fur versus human hair?
Your pet’s pH is higher than yours, but the main difference is that most dogs have fur as opposed to hair, and therefore they can handle higher levels of essential oils and extracts to keep their coat and skin thoroughly hydrated. This moisturizing treatment would weigh human hair down, but when it’s applied to fur, it makes your pet’s coat shine.

Why is it important to groom your pets often?
When your pets smell good you’re more likely to snuggle with them and show them how much you appreciate all of their unconditional love.

What makes WEN Pets different from other pet shampoos?
My favorite part about creating WEN Pets is that pets no longer have to suffer from dry, flaky, itchy skin caused predominantly by the harsh chemicals used in most pet shampoos. I am allergic to pet dander and I find that using WEN Pets helps keep the dander under control and is a simple way for us to care for our companion’s skin and fur the same way we care for our own hair and scalp. You don’t cleanse your hair with harsh shampoo, so why use it on your pets?

What is your number one grooming tip for pet parents?
Avoid harsh chemicals and lathering pet shampoos that strip your pets’ coats and dry out their sensitive skin. Instead, cleanse your pet’s skin with a moisturizing formula packed with essential oils and their fur will shine. Case in point, I cleanse my dogs every week, and even if I cleansed them every single day, I am confident that their coats would just get better and better.



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