Devin’s Tails: Cats and Dogs In Time

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Renowned poet Jenny Kalahar speaks eloquently to dogs and cats as they exist in time:


The Cat

The cat on the end of my bed squints through time at me

Her yellow eyes full of secrets

She has carried through lifetimes

She has even more secrets learned at the knee of her ancient mother

Who gave birth to her when in her ninth life then


The cat on my lap, for now she has come closer

Purrs into my offered hand

Connecting us in her timeless way

Stretching her lovely, soft neck

Turning her majestic head the way it should go

To radiate those purrs even deeper into my soul


The cat on my chest, for now she rises with each of my breaths

Lies still and content

Except for an intermittent sway of her striped tail

And we are in rhythm

I will never know her secrets

But she has knowledge of all of mine

And she loves me despite my failings

As only a cat can do


The Dog

Time leaves your soul in hourglass waves

Its spectrum visible only at night

And only to your dog if you treat him well


While he is burrowed under your thick comforter and flannel sheet

He will not awaken from his mumble slumber

Time’s glow will seep into his fetch-and-tug dreams

Your minutes and seconds and hours will be silently taken

Letting you rest on as he absorbs them politely

Buffering your sense of their passage


Dogs don’t have nine lives as cats do

They know their time is short

But have no desire to outlive

The person they love the most

2014 © Jenny Kalahar – All Rights Reserved

Jenny Kalahar is a poet and novelist. She is the author of One Mile North of Normal and Other Poems, Shelve Under C: A Tale of Used Books and Cats, and The Find of a Lifetime: Another Tale of Used Books and Cats. Learn more at JennyKalahar.com

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