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Let’s go! Let’s do! Hiking? I’m on it. Have you tried canoeing? We should totally try canoeing. I can’t help row of course – lack of thumbs – but I could scurry around the canoe offering encouragement. Maybe we could try the Pacific Coast Trail. Oh, you probably want a more formal introduction before we start planning our autumn event calendar. My bad, I just get so excited. That’s me, go go go, just charge on, full steam ahead.

Anyway, my name is Jasmine and I’m a very young, very athletic two-year-old mixed breed. They call me a Chihuahua mix. Pshaw, says I. Call me a Pocket Labrador. After all, I weigh in at a healthy 19 pounds, have a beautiful golden coat and Lab-ish ears. Plus, my personality is all Lab. I’m always up for anything. I came in as a transfer from another shelter so my past is a bit of a mystery, but who cares? I’m very much alive in the moment, a keep looking forward dog, so let’s not worry about the past. Let’s worry about what comes next. I might be a shorty, but I’m up for a 10k and maybe a hike up that Pacific Coast Trail we were talking about. Why don’t you head on down here? Stop on your way and pick up a copy of that Best Hikes With A Dog: Northern California book on your way in. We can knock all those off before our canoe trip….

If you could be any kind of tree what kind of tree would you be?
A tree? Why would I want to be a tree? I want to see the trees, I want to run through the trees, I might even want to pee on one of them, but to BE a tree? I couldn’t be that stationary, I’m sorry. How about a tumbleweed – can I be a tumbleweed? On a very, very windy stretch of road? Because I zip around like that. Zoom. And I’m off.

What would be your dream vacation?
This is so hard to pin down because there’s so much I want to do. So how about I just tell you what I like to do – eat, run, cuddle, fetch, jump, probably the beach but I’ve never been – and you pick the locale and as long as we’re there together, it’ll be perfect. Surely there must be an activity resort with a good selection of stuffy toys and an awful lot of chicken treats out there somewhere.

Why should YOU get adopted right now?
Because these walls aren’t big enough to contain me. I have so much energy, so much zest for life, that I need to be out there in the world with you right now​. You and I, we have so much to do together and you’re life is going to be so much more fun with me around.



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