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August 15, 2014 by Tails Magazine in Adoptables with 2 Comments

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Tails Inc - August 13 - Snuggles_PhotoCreditJackieMacMillanHi, I’m Snuggles! I’m 9-years-old, but I’m not an old timer. Put me behind a four foot fence, and I’ll show you how old I am as I jump right over it. Ha! Show me a squeaky toy, and I’ll go after it. You can’t keep a sassy old lady down. But all fence-leaping antics aside, I’ve got the sort of class and dignity that you only get with life experience. Take cats for instance––I’ve lived amongst them and they’re fine with me and I’m fine with them. How many eight week old puppies can you say that about? Or the fact that I won’t shred your furniture or hide your socks? No, I’ve walked on this planet long enough to know how to comport myself. I ‘ve also been around long enough to appreciate the good things in life: a warm lap, a quiet night at home, fine companionship.

I figure our nights would look like this: You’d come home and I’d be so happy to see you, you have no idea. I’d do a little dance like you’ve been off trekking in the Alps for six months and not just eating microwaved burritos while staring at spreadsheets. I’ll make you feel like the returning hero, every single day. Then we’ll go for a walk. It’ll be fantastic. I’ll sniff everything and people will come over to pat me and comment on my amazing fluffiness. You’ll make all sorts of new friends. After we’re done with that, maybe a little dinner then some TV. NCIS? The Voice? Sherlock? Whatever is fine as long as I can have your lap.

Who is your celebrity role model and why? Shirley MacLaine, definitely. Did you see her in Steel Magnolias – the pluck, the wit, the verve – so much like me. And she believes in fate, and so do I. It’s not coincidence you’re reading this right now, you know….

What is your favorite song and why? “Try” by Pink. That’s sort of my motto – you just keep getting back up and trying. Yes, I’m nine years old and find myself homeless. A tragedy? Maybe. But I just look at it as a change of circumstances. Because you have to keep going, you keep trying. It’s what keeps me young.

If you could go on vacation where you go and why? Someplace that’s warm and sunny most of the year, with a little bit of crispness in the fall and winter. A place with beautiful dog beaches and lots of dog-friendly restaurants, maybe some forests to go walking in. Oh – wait. That’s Northern California. I live here. But I can’t take myself to those dog friendly restaurants or beaches. I need you for that. So come in.

Image credit: Jackie MacMillan


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