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blake_action_PhotoCreditMalcolmBramwell[1]You there! Hello! My name is Blake and I am a 10-week-old kitten. I am also a spokeskitten for The Kitten Union of the Greater United States, California Region, San Jose Area, and will be using my brief bio to advocate not only for myself but for all shelter kittens. Like many kittens, my early beginnings are a wee bit foggy. There were a bunch of us, mom had taken off for greener pastures, and we were too young to procure our own housing so there we were. The exact details – found in a backyard, a good Samaritan, some bottle feeding, a foster home – don’t bear repeating, so common a story is mine. What does bear repeating? Like many, many, many of my fellow Kitten Union members, I was born in the month of May as the weather turned balmy and many a cat’s mind turned to romance. Drunk on moonlight and the smell of spring flowers, many, many, many cats across our nation made very bad decisions regarding romantic partners and now, several weeks later, the swelling tide of kittens begins to roll in to shelters across the country, a veritable tsunami of cuteness, overtaking staff and flooding adoption areas everywhere.

Something that not everyone knows? Cats are seasonal breeders. What does that mean for you? Ladies and gentlemen, your country needs you right now! We are in a kitten crisis and will be through fall in many states. Once the weather cools, so do most cat’s romantic ardor and the kitten tide ceases until the next spring and summer. You – yes, YOU need to adopt a fluffy ball of cuteness that’s waiting in a shelter near you. Or better yet, adopt a member of our alumni brethren, The Adult Shelter Cat Union. With shelters full of kittens, many of these guys will wait months for a new home as everyone picks kittens first.

But enough about that, let’s talk about me. I’m Blake.

What do you dream about? Since I’m a kitten, my favorite dreams involve lots of very, very slow rodents, laser lights that can be caught, walls made of cardboard and climbable curtains that stretch clear to the sky. String also makes appearances, as does tinfoil. Ahhh! Tinfoil – crinkly, shiny, whack-able tinfoil balls…Sorry, I was swept away for a moment…

If you could nap anywhere, where would you nap? At this age, my favorite place and time for a nap is your pillow, all day long while you’re at work after a brief foray into knocking stuff off tables. Napping all day allows me to be more alert when it’s time to attack your feet in the middle of the night. Did I mention you might want to have a nice long playtime with me right before bedtime? You’ll love me more if I’m tired at night.

If you could invite anyone to lunch, who would it be any why? That very slow rodent I dream of at night. You can imagine why. My intentions there, I must admit, are not wholesome.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Why your beloved pet, of course. Your most favoritest roommate. An internet star would be nice – Grumpy Cat? Why not Happy Cat? – but not necessary. Mostly,

I just want to hang out with you. I also am already fixed, as are all of the kitties here, so my ambition to not add to the kitten overpopulation problem is already fulfilled. Now I just want to hang with you.

Image: Malcolm Bramwell


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