Devin’s Tails: Pets and Their Bucket Lists

By Devin O’Branagan

In my fictional tales, Australian Shepherd Talisman doesn’t have a bucket list. Thanks to the miracles of anthropomorphism and literary license, Ms. Tali manages to fulfill most of her dreams (except for winning in love, but an author can only do so much for star-crossed lovers).

However, as I worked on my latest Talisman-centric book I pondered the concept of pets and their bucket lists. So, of course, I did what I always do with such philosophic questions and posed it to my Facebook friends. I asked, “If your pet could put together a bucket list of things he or she would want to do, what would be on it?” These are some of the replies I received:

Kimberley Pearson has three chinchillas. She said their bucket lists would be as follows:

Stinky wants to play guitar.

Stinky wants to play guitar.

• Elmo’s would be to try human food …. especially Marmite & crisps. He shows particular interest in humans when they have these items.

• Stinky’s list would be:

1) To be able to jump up to the windowsill.

2) To jump up to the top of the drawers.

3) To investigate the contents of the bin without interruption from the human.

4) To learn to play guitar.

• Fleagal’s list would be:

1) Getting a cage of her own because she finds Stinky annoying!

2) Eating snacks for every meal especially dried flowers & mini shredded wheat.

3) Discovering what’s beyond ‘the door.’

4 ) Inventing a human silencer …. “They really do talk at me too much!”

Rhonda Barger Stephens’ dog, Katie, would like to magically transport herself (without waiting on her human companions) to Lucky Dog Ranch seven days a week. Then eat steak. Take a nap. Have a snack. Hang out with friends. Have another snack.

– Lyndy Jacob’s pets would very much like to speak English.

Chris Maximilian’s dog, Bella, would want to be the official taster at a dog treat company. His cat, Rebel, would want to star in an action/adventure movie because he is a classic “bad boy.”

Kara Moseley’s German Shepherd, Tank, wants to take down a bad guy.

Lydia Henke Trunnell’s gorgeous dog Trace would love to be on the cover of every magazine, and Josie would love to be a Search and Rescue dog!

JB Ramos said, “Murphy’s fondest wish is to get up on Mom’s new couch and have a bit of a lie down without getting into trouble.”

Jessica Morris said, “I think that all of my pets would love to visit a zoo. The smells, sights, sounds, and occasional treats dropped on the ground would be an overwhelming pleasure.”

ShanAnne Edwards’ dogs would like to be able to drive themselves to a variety of places—the dog park, Sonic and Tastee Freeze for ice cream, the place where the trucks take our trash, Petsmart and Petco, to their friends’ houses—but mostly they’d like to be able to take themselves for ice cream.

Tempe wants to sing on Broadway.

Tempe wants to sing on Broadway.

Dee Ambrose-Stahl’s Tempe loves to sing, and she greets everyone with a corgi Ahhh-RRRROOOOO! So, singing on Broadway would definitely be at the top of her bucket list.

Debby Bailey said, “My Lab Madeline would have loved to learn to drive, she always moved into the driver’s seat and refused to budge. Fat Boy, the brute, used to sneak onto the couch at night; he would have loved to control the clicker. My new black Lab puppy Tyrion? As soon as I figure it out I’ll let you know!”

Theresa Tabar’s two Collies, Casey and Westie, would want us to have a huge bucket of love, like they get daily.

Judithann Freeman’s dog, Rosie, thinks the family’s other dog, Boo, needs to learn to dance—she put it on his bucket list.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make all their dreams come true? Perhaps by simply loving them, we are doing just that.

Photo of Stinky courtesy of Kimberley Pearson.

Photo of Tempe courtesy of Dee Ambrose-Stahl. 

Copyright © 2014 – Devin O’Branagan – All Rights Reserved

Devin O’Branagan is a bestselling author who writes novels about uncommon heroes. Her genres include fiction about dogs and cats, comic romance, paranormal romance, and paranormal thrillers. She is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, the Cat Writers’ Association, and many of her writing projects support animal rescue. Her books have been published by Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books in English, Heyne Verlag in German, and Dogan Egmont in Turkish. They may be found in print, eBook, and audio formats. Visit her website at DevinWrites.com, and check her out on Facebook and Twitter.


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