Devin’s Tails: Pets’ New Year’s Resolutions 2014

I have a New Year’s tradition of asking my Facebook friends for the resolutions of their pets. It’s always delightful to discover what our furry friends resolve to change about their lives! Check it out:

Hex is already doing a great job upping her fashion game for the new year. Image: Marcy Rauch

Hex is already doing a great job upping her fashion game for the new year. Image: Marcy Rauch

– Patti Macdonald said: “They told me they resolve to keep interrupting my writing by 1) begging to sit between me and my keyboard, 2) barking at squirrels, and 3) insisting they need to go outside RIGHT NOW!”

– Susan Crisman’s furbabies resolve “to stay off the kitchen table no matter how enticing it may smell, and to leave the decorating of the house to Momma…she likes it the way it is…sigh!”

– Donna Vincent Armstrong’s furbaby is struggling with the concept that “Learning to walk with Mom on a leash isn’t a bad thing.”

– Kelly Schatz: “My dog Jagger promises to try to quit being romantic with my cat Tiger! (Just so wrong!)”

– Deborah Pace: “My little old lady, 15-year-old Suzie, a Maltese, promised me she would try her darndest to drop a few pounds. This means no more fake whimpering for food from whomever is currently cooking or eating, no more walk-abouts, indoors and out, snorting up/and or eating anything edible, or not quite so edibile. And the worst of all, she promised, with her teddy bear fur face hanging low in embarrassment, not to eat all the local bunny droppings, which seems to be to her like sugar is to me. We’ll see how long this weight loss plan lasts; I’m giving her until the first time she has to go out in the morning of New Year’s Day!”

-Jenny Anderson Kalahar hopes Weegee, the dog, is going to stop burying her various toys in the cat litter boxes.

Stinky is hoping for world domination. Image: Kimberly Pearson

Stinky is hoping for world domination. Image: Kimberly Pearson

– Nance Moseley breaks down the resolutions of her furbabies as follows: a) Tess the Aussie will try not to counter surf and sneak food to her special den in the back yard; b) Winnie the Pekingese will try to find sleeping positions where she does not snore so loud that she wakes the family up; and c) Xena the 19-year-old Siamese will try to refrain from sitting on Mommy’s chest and asking for breakfast at 5 AM in the morning!

– Tammy E. A. Crosby breaks down her furbaby resolutions as follows: a)  Max the puppy – “To stop pooping on the landing. What? Why is my owner laughing?”; and b) Ginger – “To make it through another year without ‘accidentally’ suffocating the puppy when I ‘mistakenly’ lay on top of him. What? He’s small. Like a rug. And squishy. And soooo warm….mmmm.”

– Kimberley Pearson says her chinchilla has plans for “world domination.”

– Julie Campbell’s Border Collie’s resolution is to “convince Mom to get me some sheep.”

– Jessica Morris’s furbaby wants “To learn the difference between dogs barking on TV and dogs barking outside.”

– Janice Green Downs: a) Harley is going to stop peeing in the house, even if it is only on the paper in front of the door; and b) Quinn is going to stop barking at every squirrel in the back yard, all night, every night.

– Valorie Marks: a) Tyler’s is to stay very healthy and never hear the C word again. (He recently beat cancer!); and  b) Frankie’s is to grow up and try very hard to be good. (He’s still just a puppy.)

– Jeni Merritt Watkins’ kitty vows to find “More catnip!”

– And, finally, Monica Land Stathers’ furbaby vows to “Work hard, play hard, sleep well and HAVE FUN!!” That’s my resolution too! These animals are just so wonderfully wise, aren’t they?!

Copyright © 2013 – Devin O’Branagan – All Rights Reserved

Devin O’Branagan is a bestselling author who writes novels about uncommon heroes. Her genres include young adult urban fantasy, paranormal thrillers, comic mysteries, and fiction about dogs and cats. She is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, the Cat Writers’ Association, and many of her writing projects support animal rescue. Her books have been published by Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books in English, Heyne Verlag in German, and Dogan Egmont in Turkish. All of her books are available in both print and eBook formats. Visit her website at DevinWrites.com, and check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

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