Devin’s Tails: Letters to Santa

As dictated to Tammy Crosby

Max’s Letter

Hi Santa!


Max swears he’s been a good boy!

It’s me, the puppy, Max! I really really really want a doggie door for Christmas. And I want a chewie toy, and a squeaky toy, and a new stuffy that won’t explode in my mouth when I chew it. What? They do! It’s not me I swear it! Well okay…it’s a little me. But I’ve been really good this year! Though I don’t have much to compare to, but I’m trying super duper hard to be a good boy. I’ve had such a fun year and I can’t wait to meet you and the elves and bark at the reindeer and eat all the candy sticks off the tree and…oh, Mom says I’m talking too much and she can’t type that fast, gotta go! Bye Santa! See you real soon!

Psst…I’ll be the one sitting by the plate of cookies in case you should want someone to stare at you while you eat them. I won’t eat them before you get there I promise, okay, well I can’t promise that so Mom said she’d put out an extra plate just in case. *happy grin*

Luv, Max

Ginger’s Letter

Who could deny Ginger's sweet face?

Who could deny this sweet face?

Dear Santa,

It’s me, Ginger. I have been a good and faithful dog all my very long life. I have loved my humans like no other. I protect them, I care for them when they’re sick or sad, and I walk them regularly even at my old age and stage of arthritis. I’m an old girl now, it’s close to my time soon, I know it, and I know they sense it too. So all I really want is another Christmas next year. And maybe the year after? I’m not done yet, I still need to teach Max how to lick tears, and let him practice sleeping in my spot at the end of the tiny human’s bed. The human is growing so well, and the spot gets smaller as the years pass and soon I will outgrow it and move on…but not yet Santa, not just yet…for now I’d still like to be waiting for you Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas, Santa.

Love, Ginger

Text and photos Copyright © Tammy Crosby

What would your pet say to Santa? Share in the comments!

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