8 Qualities That Make Great Vet Techs

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By Sandra Mills

Not every profession is a perfect fit for every person. College and vocational programs offer a number of exciting career paths, and it’s important to evaluate your personal qualities to make sure you are on a career path that best fits your strengths. If you are just starting in a veterinary technician program, this is a good chance to see if you have the qualities that will make you competitive in the veterinary tech market.

If you recently completed a veterinarian technician program, you can make sure to emphasize these qualities in job interviews or in your veterinary office. Below you will find eight qualities that make for great veterinary technicians.

1. A love for animals

Although it may seem obvious, it’s important for a veterinary technician to love animals. And not just one particular kind of animal—vet techs must be prepared to interact with all kinds of pets. From dogs to cats to reptiles to fish to farm animals, veterinary technicians will interact with all types of animal. So a love of creatures of all walks of life is essential.

2. Be comfortable in a medical setting

Yes, you might have a love of animals—but how do you feel about seeing animals in a medical setting? Like nurses and doctors, veterinary techs must be prepared to deal with a medical environment. If needles freak you out or blood makes you queasy, then maybe being a vet technician isn’t the right job for you.

3. Ability to stay focused

Sometimes a veterinary office can be chaotic, especially if you are dealing with a high-energy pet—or a high energy pet parent. It’s important to know how to stay focused on the task at hand in order to maintain accuracy.

4. Detail-oriented

Veterinarian technicians are also responsible for a wide variety of tasks, ranging from administrative duties to giving pets vaccines to taking x-rays. Vet techs have to complete a number of steps to accurately do their job. It’s vital to be detail-oriented in order to provide the veterinarian and the pet parents with accurate information. The details matter when dealing with an animal’s health.

5. Excellent people skills

Vet techs aren’t only dealing with pets, they are also dealing with their caregivers. Therefore, vet techs must possess excellent people skills. Veterinary techs might face people worried about their beloved pet, people who are confused about how to administer medication, or people who have other needs and questions. It’s vital to have great people skills in order to be patient and helpful when dealing with a wide variety of pet parents.

6. Aptitude for science

Understanding pet medicine requires an understanding of science. Although you don’t need to understand advanced chemistry, biology or physics, a veterinary technician program will require you to undertake a certain amount of science classes and practical science training.

7. Organizational skills

Vet techs often have to complete a number of administrative tasks, including scheduling, billing, and updating charts. They must have excellent organizational skills in order to keep a veterinarian office running smoothly.

8. Work well in a group setting

A veterinarian office contains a number of people on staff, including administrators, veterinarians, and vet techs. Like in any office, vet techs must remember to be professional and work well with others. If you thrive doing group projects and have always loved collaborating with a lab partner, you are well prepared to work well in a group setting in your career.

Sandra Mills is a freelance writer who focuses her writing on education and career growth tips. In particular, Sandra loves writing about career training programs that focus on animal safety and care.


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