Devin’s Tails: The Bears Will Take You In


The Bears Will Take You In
A poem by guest columnist Jenny Kalahar

If you go into the woods today
It’s okay if you get lost
It’s okay if you didn’t bring any matches
Or food or a coat or a tent
Or mosquito spray
It’s okay
The bears will take you in

If you wander the river and forget where you parked
And can’t find where your fishing pole fell
If the brambles and thorns have shredded your jeans
And your shoes are all soaked and you’re cold
It’s okay, it’s okay
Don’t worry a bit
It’s not so bad
The bears will take you in

If you’re down on your luck and haven’t a buck
So poor that you haven’t a home
Just head for the hills where the blueberries grow
Ask anyone there – I’m sure they all know
Where to find a bear cave or bear den of some kind
It’s okay
I’m telling you now
The bears will take you in

Those lovely brown bears that I met in December
Were so uncommonly kind
They slept an awful, awful lot, but I sure didn’t mind
They let me snuggle right in with their pack
It didn’t seem to bother them much
I got up when I wanted and went back when I pleased
It was wonderful all winter through
But . . . now that I think about it . . . they sure did sleep a lot
And I don’t think they even got up to eat…
Or anything . . .

But I’m sure it would be the same thing this spring
I’m sure those bears would gladly welcome you in
Just go check
It’s okay
I’m really pretty sure
That the bears will take you in

Jenny Kalahar is a poet and novelist who writes about animals. Her new novel, Shelve Under C: A Tale of Used Books and Cats, is now available in both print and electronic formats. It is a delightful tale about cat rescue.

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