Pet People On…Pets as Family Members

Question: In what ways is your pet a part of the family?



– Cody is my 4-year-old Chihuahua. While pint size in stature, he has a heart and soul that expands in size daily. The unconditional love that he provides and the sheer joy he expresses in simple gestures brighten our day. From morning walks to evening cuddles, Cody is a constant fixture and true member of the family. The love he shares and receives gives us constant joy daily. – Tracy Chapdelaine, Chicago

– Our pets are part of the family routine for everything. We eat, they eat, we play outside, they play outside, we go to the park, well, then so do they. Snuggle time on the couch, Frisbee sessions in the evenings, road trips, tailgates… we love our four legged babies. – Cami Shouse-Coke via Facebook

– Just like my husband and I go out and work, our 11-year-old Lab mix Poppy spends a couple days a week as a therapy dog, bringing joy and comfort to people who are suffering. She’s not just a family member to us, she’s our world. – Valerie Caps, Schaumburg

– My Romeo is treated like my children—he gets clothes, good food, a roof over his head, and love. – @paramdoal

– When we first brought home our two rescue cats, Pip and Sam, my husband swore that there was no way they were sleeping in our bed at night. Fast forward one week and there they were, snuggled up on our pillows, happy as clams. That was years ago, and I couldn’t dream of making my little babies sleep anywhere else. – Bethany Morris, Chicago



– Sophie has filled a great void. We tried for years to have a baby and couldn’t; she’s like our daughter. – @JimmyDharda

– Our pets are family—we don’t even move them out of the room when they keep us up all night with their snoring! – @ThinkDogbyDelca

– My dog Boomer has a sensitive stomach, so I make all of his food at home from scratch. Sometimes I think he must eat better than I do, but it’s worth it because he’s like a son to me! – Holly Wrenn, Carbondale

– Maddie is our 8-year-old Collie/Husky mix, and she gets included in all of our family portraits. I couldn’t image a holiday card without her furry face front and center! – Leanne Gorman, Chicago

Our next question: What’s your favorite holiday tradition with your pet? Respond in the comments or email your response to Editor@TailsInc.com!

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