5 Tips for Getting Your Dog to Eat

September 12, 2013 by Tails Magazine in Behavior, Featured with 3 Comments


We’re used to expecting our canine friends to be hungry all the time, so it can be disconcerting when their food is sitting untouched. If your pooch has turned into a picky eater, try the following tips for get him excited about his food again.

1. Make sure there isn’t anything medically wrong. It’s important to rule out early on that your dog’s lack of appetite isn’t rooted in any physical issues, so if your furry friend is continually turning up his nose at his food, a visit to the vet may be a smart choice. If you notice other strange symptoms in conjunction with a loss of appetite—such as fatigue, rashes, or diarrhea—go see your vet as soon as possible.

2. Stop feeding table scraps. Sometimes dogs hold out on eating their meals because they’re waiting for something better to come along. Plain old dog food doesn’t seem quite so exciting when you’re getting fed yummy bits of bacon and cheese throughout the day.

3. Turn meal time into a game. Treat-dispensing toys (like this one, this one, or this one) can be great tools for turning meal time into a fun experience for your picky pooch.

4. Switch up your dog’s food. If your dog isn’t eating it could be for as simple a reason as him not liking the taste of his food. Switch it up with a new flavor or a new brand. Dog’s have delicate digestive systems though, so be sure the switch is made gradually—start by swapping out about a quarter of his old food with the new and build up from there.

5. Change up your dog’s eating environment. It’s possible that your dog isn’t eating because something in his environment is distracting. Maybe you tend to have your dishwasher running during meal times and the noise is scary, or perhaps there’s too much foot traffic and your dog would prefer peace and quiet. Set up an area where your dog can eat that is comfortable and free from potential distractions.

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