Pet Blogging 101

cat on keyboardBy Laura Drucker

If you’ve ever considered creating a blog (or if you’re a seasoned blogger) you know that it can be a huge undertaking. The key to success? Making it about something you love and are familiar with. For thousands of people, this means their pets—furry, fuzzy, scale-y, and otherwise.

A pet blog is a great way to share all the special things about your pet while connecting with an engaging community of fellow animal lovers. BlogPaws, an online resource for people in the pet blogging industry, draws hundreds of bloggers at its annual conference (and the number keeps increasing), proving that pet blogging is a trend that continues to grow.

Whether you’re interested in doing it for fame, fun, or the fleeting hope of fortune, consider honing your writing skills and showing off your pet with his or her very own blog. Surely your pet won’t mind the extra attention!

Feeling inspired? These tips will help you get on your way to blogging bliss:

Pick a voice and stick with it. Some pet blogs are told from the perspective of the pet, while others are from the perspective of the caregiver. Whichever you choose, stay consistent. This will help your blog develop a personality and give readers an idea of what to expect when they visit.

Put up lots of pictures. People may not read every word you write, but chances are they’ll at least skim through the pictures on the front page of your blog. Pictures brighten up any post and are a great excuse for a pet photo shoot! Start snapping photos at the park, the beach, and the vet. and use them as a jumping off point for blog posts.

Do some good. If you’re going to have a voice online, use it to spread the word about a good cause. Think of something you’re passionate about, such as animal welfare, veganism, or your favorite charity, and use your blog to encourage others to get involved.

Introduce yourself. Use your first few blog posts to introduce readers to your pet and yourself. You don’t need to divulge a ton of information, but you should give people a sense of who you are and why they should care about what you have to say.

Engage with other pet bloggers. The pet blogging community is a diverse group of people with one very strong commonality: their passion for posting about their pets. Leave comments on other interesting blog posts you read, and join the conversation.

Topic ideas. Our pets are endless sources of inspiration. Talk about training, therapy work, health and wellness, or anything else that you think may be interesting to other pet people. Think about your main goals: Do you want to amuse your readers? Educate? Inspire? All of the above? Tailor your posts to fit with your mission and goals.

Get active on social media. Help people find your blog by sharing your posts on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Use other sites like LinkedIn and BlogPaws to connect with your peers in the pet blogging world.

Push your own creativity. While it might seem like the main purpose of blogs is to please readers, there are many more personally fulfilling reasons to put your pet on the ‘net. Make your blog something you’re proud of! Maybe now is the time to learn a new skill, like Photoshop or photography. Use your blog as inspiration to get out and try new things.

Bring people to your blog. Getting readers can be tricky, and it may feel like you’re the sole reader of your blog for a while. Don’t stress about it, just keep spreading the word. Link to your blog in your email signature, offer to trade guest posts with a fellow pet blogger you admire, comment often on other blogs, get active on social media, and most importantly, write posts that are well thought-out and worth sharing. The audience will come.

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