Tattle Tails: Torrey DeVitto of “Army Wives”


By Dustin Fitzharris

After tackling the roles of crazy Nanny Carrie on One Tree Hill and Dr. Meredith Fell on The Vampire Diaries, Torrey DeVitto is ready to bring it home on Lifetime’s Army Wives.

While production of the show often keeps her away from her husband, actor Paul Wesley, she’s not spending her days and nights alone. The other guy in her life, Beau—DeVitto’s 8-year-old Chihuahua mix—is always there by her side.

“He’s changed my life completely,” DeVitto says. “He is the best companion. This career can be such a lonely one because you’re always by yourself. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have Beau traveling with me everywhere.”

DeVitto is a big supporter of PETA, and recently participated in their anti-dissection campaign.

“Beau is very into PETA, too,” DeVitto explains. “So, anything we can do, he told me he’s on board!”

TAILS caught up with DeVitto on the set of Army Wives to discuss all things Beau, her new role, and another cause that is near and dear to her heart.

TAILS: How would you describe Maggie Hall, your character on Army Wives?

Torrey DeVitto: She’s kind of a bad ass. She’s an ex-airborne, [and] she met her second and now husband in the service. She decided to leave what she was doing to become a stay-at-home mom. Her husband has a 14-year-old daughter, who she sort of struggles to get along with. It’s trying and difficult. But she can hold her own against any man; she is tough and outspoken. She is really cool—cooler than I am.

Are you tough and outspoken?

I’d like to consider myself as someone who can hold my own. I value my opinion. I always think your opinion is all you really have. I definitely stand up for myself when need be. On a physical level, the character is tougher than me. I did some boot camp to get into character. I thought I was so tough because I do CrossFit. During the boot camp, though…I almost threw up. I’m not kidding you!

Tell us about Beau.

He’s the love of my life.

He is on the set with you today?

Every day!

Is he well-behaved?

Insanely. I lucked out with this dog. He’s a rescue, so obviously I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. He was 6 years old when I got him. He’s so sweet. He just wants to cuddle. Everybody loves Beau!

What was it like when you first laid eyes on him?

Much Love Animal Rescue had booths set up in Venice [California]. I walked by and said, “I really want a dog.” I saw this other dog,  who was a little bigger than Beau. I picked him up and I was like, “I want this dog.” They told me he had about six applications and asked if they could suggest another dog. They carried over Beau. He had a little blue bandana, and he licked my face. I was in love. I said, “He’s mine—this is my dog!” It was really sad; when I got his papers [I saw that] he never even had a name. He spent his life going from shelter to shelter.

Is Beau your first dog?

I grew up with two dogs. When I left home at 18, they stayed with my parents. This is the first dog who is mine.

In addition to your work with PETA, you are also a hospice volunteer. What is the biggest misconception about hospice?

I feel like there is this dark, negative, and morbid connotation when it comes to hospice. Volunteering with hospice has brought such a light into my life that I did not expect. I’ve had so many amazing interactions with people and heard so many great life stories. To be able to be there for somebody when they are going through that last stage in life is just so important and gives more meaning to your own life. It makes you want to live your life to your fullest. You want to be that person who has all these stories at the end.

You are an accomplished violinist. However, you once said that acting is your “strongest passion and takes precedence over music.” Is it difficult to leave music behind?

It really is. I did play on a song on Stevie Nicks’ last album, but that’s really the last thing I did. I don’t really play professionally. It can be frustrating because I know what I used to be able to play, and I no longer have the time to practice. The violin is a tough instrument.

Maybe Maggie could take it up on Army Wives?

That would be interesting! She could play the violin while riding a motorcycle and beating people up. 

Army Wives airs Sundays at 8pm CT on Lifetime.

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