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Tyler #5In my Legend of Glory novels, Hallelujah is an intrepid demon-fighting Australian Shepherd––a canine superhero! Courage is her middle name. She is fearless in the face of demons, evil vampires, fallen angels, and a ferociously demonic puppy named Hex. While I was pondering her fictional antics, I decided to ask my Facebook friends what kind of superheroes their pets are or would be. Enjoy their delightful answers:

– Tammy E. A. Crosby said, “Max would be SuperPooper and his super power would be stealth. Ginger would be SuperSniffer, her super power would be sniffing out anything remotely edible even in a post apocalyptic war zone.”

– Lori Devoti said her furbaby’s superpower would be: “To sleep through the zombie apocalypse and any and all other threats to humanity.”

– Dean Manning’s Crissy “would be a Black Canary type. She would have really cool hand-to-hand combat skills and her sonic bark (she doesn’t have an inside voice) would stop the bad people in their tracks.”

– Lisa Kilgore Giroux said, “My furbaby’s superpowers would be the equivalent of see-through glasses, but having to do with finding food residue, then breaking into anything the food residue is in. Also, the definition of ‘food residue’ is quite loose: Tums, gum, cough drops, Tic Tacs, a one-year-old candy wrapper, etc. It would include unbelievable abilities of reaching said food residue/items when these items are in places that house cats, cockroaches, and even humans are unable to reach.”

– Kimberley Pearson said, “I’m sure Stinky fancies himself as Megamind but that’s more of a villain than a superhero. He thinks he holds the powers of invisibility and mind, reading but his plans are so madcap they always fail! And Elmo would be Flash, the fastest superhero around––so fast you’d think he’d never left the comfort of his fleecy hammock (which of course he hasn’t). Fleagal would have to be Destiny (Marvel Comics), and would have the power to predict the future. (She’s often deep in thought and I’m sure would keep a diary like Destiny if only she could write!)”

– Mary Arnold asks, “Is Cookie Monster a hero? Bubbles thinks so!”

– Deborah Davidson Harpur: “What do you mean IF? Rickie Roo is a superhero… SuperRoo with the power to unlock any container holding treats and to mind meld humans until they give her some cookies. And LCpie, our 3-year-old Rat Terrier, would be the Growler. As a normal dog she uses her growl too often for my taste, but as a Superhero she would use that growl to banish evil to outer space. One growl from her would send anyone who has been mean to animals and is within her ‘zone’ to space faster than you can say ‘asteroid!’”

– Shirley Reed Russell: “Miss Harlie, the Mini Poodle, would be the fastest flying canine, dropping filled poop bags on the bad guys. Her buddies would find the bad guys by sniffing them out! They would be given time in a local shelter, cleaning up the kennels.”

– Paula Kardum-Booth: “Super Shaniya! Able to leap tall counters in a single bound!”

– Karen Wingert Mittan: “Maximum Mojo Power. Mojo would use his ‘Aussie senses’ to find those who need emotional support and send his canine comrades to their rescue spreading good mojo to the downtrodden. His accessories would be snuggles, kisses and lots and lots of doggie toys.”

So, what kind of superhero is your furbaby? Please share in the comments or join me on Facebook and tell me all about him or her. I’m always looking for inspiration for my fictional superheroes!

Photo of Superdog Tyler courtesy of Valorie Marks.

Copyright © 2013 – Devin O’Branagan – All Rights Reserved

Devin O’Branagan is a bestselling author who writes novels about uncommon heroes. Her genres include young adult urban fantasy, paranormal thrillers, comic mysteries, and fiction about dogs and cats. She is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, and many of her writing projects support animal rescue. Her books have been published by Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books in English, Heyne Verlag in German, and Dogan Egmont in Turkish. All of her books are available in both print and eBook formats. Visit her website at DevinWrites.com.


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