Why Rabbits Are Not Good Easter Gifts


By Andrew Puccetti

Rabbits are a major symbol of the Easter Holiday. During this time of the year, they are advertised as basket-stuffers for children. They are marketed as cute and fluffy toys that kids can play with. Because of this, thousands of rabbits are purchased for Easter gifts every year.

Although this is the case, do not be fooled by all of the Easter advertising. Adopting and keeping a rabbit requires a lot of thought and consideration, and it’s not a decision you can take lightly.

Unfortunately, many people do not take the time to do their research on the proper care of a rabbits. Because of this, there is an overwhelming amount of abandoned rabbits and overcrowded animal shelters. Animal shelters do not always have the resources to take care of the many rabbits they receive, thus many end up euthanizing them. Worse, no longer desired rabbits are often dumped outside and injured or killed.

Here are some important facts to consider about rabbits:

  • They are not play things or products. They are living creatures who deserve a loving family to live with. They need room to play.
  • Rabbits use litter boxes. They are affectionate and enjoy playing on the ground, but do not enjoy constantly being hauled around, and are not always the cuddliest.
  • If you have a dog or a cat, keep them away from the rabbit. Gentle care is a must, and your bigger pet might not be careful enough.
  • Rabbits should be living indoors.
  • Despite what people think, rabbits are not low-maintenance pets. They take just as much work as a dog or cat, and have high social needs.
  • Rabbits aren’t good first time pets. Children often lose interest after some time and the parents end up as the caretaker. They need continuous love and support throughout their lifetime.
  • Rabbits require routine veterinary care. Because they require a vet specializing in exotics, it can get expensive.
  • They also have special diet and housing needs.

Please consider these facts and decide if you are in the right situation to take a rabbit into your home. If your family is set on getting a rabbit, do not purchase one. Adopting is the best choice all around. Do diligent research in rabbit care (the HSUS’s Rabbit Page is an excellent place to start) and go to the animal shelter when you find that you are ready.

Rabbits are not disposable; they are living creatures who need love and affection. This Easter season, consider making a donation to a shelter that houses rabbits, and encourage friends and loved ones not to fall for the short-lived Easter rabbit hype.

Check out TAILS Resources for rabbit shelters in your area.

Andrew Puccetti may only be fifteen years old, but he has already shown immense dedication and passion for the well-being of animals. Every other week Andrew will be here talking about the relationship between young people and animal rights–how they can make a difference, how they are already making a difference, and how important it is for kids to continue the fight for our animal companions. Learn about Andrew’s non-profit organization Live Life Humane and check out his blog!


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