Pet People On…The Joys of Pet Parenting

We talk a lot about all the amazing benefits of sharing your life with pets (less frequent visits to the doctor, increased quality of life and well being, and the special bond of unconditional love, to name a few). But sometimes the things that bind us with our pets are a little more personal—a certain fuzzy spot behind an ear, an endlessly wagging tail, or a cuddly hug that never fails to brighten the moment. We asked our online readers (and a celebrity friend, too!) what they find most rewarding about being a pet parent.

Here’s what they had to say:

Rachel LevinRachel Levin “The unconditional love! I find it most rewarding when I’ve been in the house for a while and [my dog] Gracie comes to find me with her tail wagging as if I just came in.”

– Rachel Levin


“I love being a pet parent because my pets giveLaurie ReinholdLaurie Reinhold unconditional love and are always there for me—no matter what kind of day it is or mood I’m in, they are there wagging their tails when I come home. They all have their own personalities and show so much love.
They can also be very protective and they definitely keep an eye on me, which makes me feel safe. It’s like having my own living alarm system at home!”

– Laurie Reinhold
St. Louis


Barry Gork & LunaBarry Gork & Luna“Unconditional love; A built-in excuse to hit the beach and leave work early to enjoy a sunny afternoon; and having a friend to talk
to when my wife and kids won’t talk to me! I couldn’t
imagine coming home and not having a pet waiting for
me—one who also happens to think that I’m a rockstar—even
when I return from taking out the garbage.”

– Barry Gork

“There’s nothing that isn’t rewardingRachelRay about being a pet parent—it’s an infinite list! [Pets] always know what’s going on with you, and they’re very empathetic. They’re your best friends [and] your most loyal family members, and they ask for nothing in return.”

– Rachael Ray


Kayce Vieselmeyer“Man-Man’s been with me through everything,
and no matter where I am, it feels like home as long
as he’s there too. Sometimes being a pet parent
can be stressful, but it’s always worth it, and you get
back so much more than you give. It’s especially
rewarding that he was adopted from a shelter, since
I got a best friend and I got to rescue him!”

– Kayce Vieselmeyer


What do YOU find most rewarding about being a pet parent? Tell us below, or share on Facebook or Twitter!

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