Devin’s Tails: Jig and the Evil Stairs

[Today’s post is a sweet tale by guest blogger K.L. Schwengel]

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Jig flattened at the top of the staircase, her ears tight against her skull, her eyes wide. She trembled.

“I can’t do it,” she said to Rowan, standing nearby. “I’m terrified!”

Rowan licked her muzzle and looked at their person. Kathi held a piece of scrumptious, home-made liver fudge under Jig’s nose, let her nibble at it, then tossed it down the steps.

“Aargghhhh, noooooo!” Jig stared at Kathi in disbelief. She smiled back and chucked another piece of liver fudge down the steps. “What are you doing? Why are you wasting perfectly good treats?”

Kathi let another treat fall. Jig watched it bounce down one, two, three steps, and land far below, almost at the bottom.

Rowan started forward, but Kathi stopped her. “Patience, Hoover. You can clean it up if Jig doesn’t do it. Go on, Jig. Be brave.”

Jig peered down the mile-high flight of stairs. This was madness. How could her person think she would survive? She stretched for the treat in Kathi’s hand. Almost. Had. It.

Plop. It landed one step down.

Rowan sighed, and started to get up. “It’s really not so tough.”

Kathi reached back and patted Rowan’s head. “Lie down, silly.”

Jig licked her lips. She loved liver fudge. The tasty homemade treat was everyone’s favorite. Maybe if she got really low and stretched as far as she could . . .her tongue caught the treat and spooned it into her mouth.

“Good girl!”

The next treat lay a little further down. Jig skidded forward on her stomach, her long legs creeping down to the second step. “I’m going to fall!”

“Thatta girl,” Kathi said, encouragement in her voice.

Jig gobbled the treat. Then she saw another and inched closer. “Mmm, liver treats.” She could touch the next. A few steps below there were even more. She kept gobbling them up, one by one, and then suddenly-

Jig whipped around. How had she gotten to the bottom of the stairs without being eaten? Kathi and Rowan beamed down at her, and Jig’s heart skipped. It was a long way back up. A liver treat bounced off the nearest step and she grabbed it. Another landed a little higher. Okay, if every step came with a treat, she was game. Up she went, carefully, grabbing treats as she picked up speed until she made it safely back to the top and into the circle of Kathi’s arms.

“See,” Kathi said. “Not so bad. Now, let’s do it again!”

Copyright © 2013 – K.L. Schwengel – All Rights Reserved

Photo of Jig and Rowan courtesy of K.L. Schwengel

K. L. Schwengel lives on a small farm with her husband, a flock of sheep, six Australian Shepherds, and Her Royal Highness Princess Fiona the Cat. When not tending to all their needs, she finds time to pursue her other passion––writing in the fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal genres. You can find her books, and connect with her here.

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