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 As a special holiday feature, pet expert Steven May has decided to turn the writing duties over to his four-legged better half Winnie––an adopted dog with an opinion.


Holiday Greetings my sisters and brothers from very different mothers! My human parent Steven thought it might be a good idea to have me offer up a few holiday gift giving tips so you could get the inside scoop straight from the dog’s mouth about what we’d really love to give and receive this year.

So I was checking my stocks online the other day (chew toys are performing well) and I ran across a story that made my ears perk and head tilt more than usual. It said that more than half of you will be buying us gifts for the holidays. That’s awesome! (Not sure what the problem is with the other half of you though. Come on! Throw us a bone, huh?).

So what I wanted to share are five great gifts that you can give us and, just as importantly, five gifts that we can give you!

First, let’s start with some of the things that will put you in our good graces for a long time––while we love any and all treats you toss our way, I wanted to think outside the crate a bit and offer up some options that will be appreciated and enjoyed.

From You To Us

1.) Designer Feeding and Water Bowls


Style isn’t just for humans. Notice how chipper we are after a haircut? You probably think it’s because we’re cooler, right? That’s only part of it. It’s also because we’re stylin’!

And there’s nothing better for stylish canines like me than eating dinner with hip, personalized food and water bowls. It’s ok if you want to make sure they match with your own décor too. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and styles.


2). Canine Perfume

Since we can’t turn the handles on the bath tub ourselves, we rely on you to keep us clean and smelling nice. A little spritz of Eau de K9 goes a long way in keeping us, and our shared home, fresh and pleasant.

3.) Reflective Collar and Leash


You know how we love to walk with you, right? Well it’s important to remember that no matter how careful you are with us when we’re on our leash, accidents happen. Thankfully, there are assorted leashes and collars that are reflective and help provide clear visibility in low-light conditions. I’d say helping to keep us safe is a pretty good gift. Wouldn’t you?

4.) Videos

The truth about what we do when you leave for work in the morning: If you haven’t given us any stimulus we pretty much sleep, walk around a little bit, and sleep some more. Booor-ing. Want to keep us entertained? Try a dog video! A bunch of different video options exist that are made specifically for us; we even have our own TV channel! The experts say it can help with separation anxiety but all I know is that I like the sounds and movement and love watching my fellow canines. Want to make it extra special? Make a video of yourself talking to us. Like they say, it’s the next best thing to being there!

5.) A Dog House

Don’t you just love coming home, kicking back (after you give us some love of course), and just relaxing with a big “Ahhhh”? Well, we do too. And a new house, with plenty of room for us to turn around and get comfy, will be appreciated more than you know. Want to score really big points? Splurge for heated bedding. Now that’s an “Ahhhh” just waiting to happen!

From Us To You

Now as the holidays really are about giving I wanted to share some of the things that we’d like to give you! Of course, we’ll need a little help with the purchasing (they make it hard for us to open a bank account) and the wrapping. Paws rock for some things but not for others. Do you know how long it’s taken me to type this?

1) Warm gloves, a hat, and a scarf for long winter walks

We have a little advantage over you when it comes to the cold weather. But when the temperature drops a lot of us have noticed that our time outside with you does too. Keeping the extremities warm, especially the head, will allow you to be comfortable and get that needed winter exercise. Don’t forget…we need that exercise too. An extra pound or five for you is one thing but on us it can really makes a big difference.

2.) Gift certificate for Grooming or Boarding

Here’s a quiz: Do you know what is both the most popular holiday gift to give and the one most humans would like to receive? Yep…gift certificates! They’re a great way to make sure you’re giving the perfect present, and they’re available for practically every service you can imagine. We know that the cost of grooming can add up, and boarding us in a reputable facility even more so, but with a gift certificate we’re taking a bit of the burden off you and creating a wonderful win-win situation.

3.) Gift certificate for Microchipping

For added peace of mind, splurge on the amazing Pet Tracker by Tagg.

We do our best to make you happy. Really we do. But sometimes things just happen. Maybe a gate gets left open and we decide to take a little walk on our own. Unfortunately, this happens a lot to my friends and when it does there’s a chance we’ll never see you again. So the best thing we can give you is a gift certificate for microchipping. It’s safe, quick, doesn’t hurt us, lasts a lifetime and, best of all, gives you the peace of mind that if we decide to take a solo hike you can track us down quickly and get us home where we belong.

4.) Canine Cookbook

You like to eat and we like to eat. The difference is that you get to decide what to eat and we’ll take what we’re given. Yeah…that means you have some responsibility to make sure we’re getting good, high-quality, fixed diet.. But sometimes it’s nice to change things up a bit. A canine cookbook (such as How to Feed Your Best Friend Better by Rick Woodford) will provide a lot of meal variations that are healthy and cost-effective. Toss in a cookie cutter shaped like a bone for some homemade treats and we’ll make sure to sit whenever you tell us to.

5.) Matching shirts or sweaters

OK. Matching clothes might not be for everyone but for those of you who don’t mind making a statement, and getting some smiles along the way, nothing says “we’re together” more than matching shirts or sweaters. Just make sure that what we’re wearing is comfortable, has room for us to breathe, and is appropriate for the weather conditions. It’s not a bad idea to warm us up to the idea of wearing a shirt or sweater too. Get it? “Warm us up?” Who said dogs don’t have a sense of humor?

I hope these gift ideas were helpful, and you all enjoy a wonderful holiday season. And while we all tend to put a lot of emphasis on gifts during the holidays, I want you to know that just being with you and having your love and care throughout the year is the best gift we doggies could ask for. So thanks for all you do, humans! It’s appreciated more than you know.

For more gift ideas, please email me at Winnie@DailyGrowlBlog.com or my Dad at Life@DailyGrowlBlog.com.

Steven May has provided his highly respected pet advice to both the veterinary industry and the general public. The former editor of Vetz Magazine, May now heads the pet website The Daily Growl and has over 132,000 followers of his daily pet advice Facebook page. He co-authored ”What About Wally: Co-Parenting A Pet With Your Ex”–the first ever book that looks in to the issue of the divorce, separation, or break up of pet parents and the legal and dog behavioral issues that come with it. Read Battle of the Pet Parents–How Divorce Affects Your Pet to learn more.


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