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Celebrate safely with your pets this season

By Laura Drucker

christmas_petsThe holidays are a time for family, and there’s no reason you can’t include your pet—the furriest family member of them all (we hope)—in the fun and festivities! Not everything about the holidays is pet-friendly, though. Here are some things to watch out for:

Christmas tree
Make sure it’s securely anchored, and if possible, blocked off with a gate—you don’t want to end up with broken glass after your cat or dog mistook your beautiful ornaments for shiny new toys. Also, stagnant tree water is filled with bacteria, and may even contain stomach-harming fertilizer—it’s not where you want your pet to grab a quick drink. Again, a gate is your best bet.

Tinsel is particularly dangerous for cats—it can block their intestines. Mistletoe and
holly can cause severe digestive problems in cats and dogs. Hang your decorations high and out of their reach. Turn indoor holiday lights off when you leave your pet alone at home, and always keep wires taped down securely—they can cause shocks, burns, and other serious injuries.

Pets accidentally start thousands of fires every year, so keep any flames out of paws’
reach and on steady, level surfaces.

Gift wrap, ribbon, and tape all look pretty tasty to your pet, but all are capable of
causing blockage in the esophagus, stomach, or intestines, so keep pets well away.

Holiday meals are notoriously rich, and you should not feed your pet anything from the table. Instead, bake them some special holiday-inspired treats (recipes can be found on TailsInc.com). Keep them away from the leftovers too—turkey and ham bones are too soft and easily shred into small, harmful pieces. Make sure to keep your trash well-secured and far away from your pet, lest they go digging for snacks when no one is looking.

Most likely, your pet will love all the extra attention if you have guests over. It is important, however, for your pet to have his own, quiet retreat away from all the noise and commotion

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