Devin’s Tails: Thoughts on Dog Shaming

Today’s guest blogger is Rickie Roo a 4-year-old Rat Terrier from California.

A few weeks ago I was minding my own business, lying on the couch watching TV with my mom, when we got a phone call. It was our friend calling us to tell us about the new viral trend called Dog Shaming. I sure don’t know what I think about this trend ’cause…. well, who wants to be shamed?

I guess the deal is that they post a pic of you…the dog…and next to you they put a sign saying what you did. The one I saw was of a dog that kind of looked like me and the sign said: “I stole a little girl’s ice cream at the park.” Reading that I immediately thought good for you! And then I thought ice cream…I’d like some ice cream! I then wondered where the dog mommy was ’cause if she had been watching that nice looking doggie in the picture the ice cream would probably have never been eaten.

I saw one of my friend Bogey, a Tibetan Spaniel, His sign said: “I came in last in obedience try-outs (refused to work in hot weather).” And this is surprising because…..? His mommy knows that Tibetan Spaniels do not like hot weather. They are fluffy and would prefer to be in cooler air. And I happen to know that Bogey has lots of obedience titles (and agility titles too), and if he wanted to win the try-out he would have. I don’t see how standing up for yourself is shameful at all—I guess I just don’t understand this trend.

I sat on the couch and thought about what kinds of things my mom could shame me about. I steal her lunch box quite often. But again, I think that if she had been watching the lunch box (or me!) or put it somewhere out of my reach, she’d still have lunch. So that’s shame on her, not shame on me. Plus she’s always saying she needs to be on a diet, and I just helped out with that problem…so where’s the shame?

I also like to kill my stuffed toys and shred the stuffing all over the house. I like to make it look like it has snowed. We live in Los Angeles and I had to go a long way in the car to see snow. Plus it was cold. This kind of snow is not cold at all. So I suppose mommy could put a picture of me with my dead stuffed toy and the “snow,” but since she got the toys for me and they are mine to do with as I please, I don’t see how that would be shameful at all.

As I kept thinking about it, the only truly shameful thing I think I’ve ever done was when I ate my mommy’s eyeglasses. I ate the frames that were made of plastic. Oh, and I ate my daddy’s cell phone. They didn’t taste that great, but they did make my mouth feel better—I was getting new big dog teeth at the time. I guess they could put a picture of me doing that on that dog shaming website—if they had ever actually caught me doing it. I think that might be the key to ending this trend. Just don’t get caught.

I have come to the conclusion that this trend of dog shaming is actually dog mommy and daddy shaming. Frankly, none of the stuff we dogs are being “shamed” for is our fault. I say we turn the tables, grab their smart phones and post pictures of them that are shameful. Like not picking up after us when we are taking walks. Or not having us on leashes when walking around the neighborhood. How about taking pictures of them when they are sitting at home watching TV instead of taking us to the park? I bet I could take a pic of Bogey’s mommy with a sign that says: “Tried to make a Tibetan Spaniel do obedience in hot weather,” and start a doggie mommy and faddy shaming trend if I can teach all of you how to take photos and upload them to the computer.

So here’s my call to action puppers! Prove that it is the doggie mommy and daddy that should wear those “shame” signs and try to figure out how to work the camera. If you figure it out, please let me know.

~Your pal, Rickie Roo


Visit Rickie Roo’s Facebook Page at: http://www.facebook.com/rickie.roo

Copyright © 2012 – Deborah Davidson Harpur, mommy to Rickie Roo

Photos by Deborah Davidson Harpur and used with permission


Devin’s Tails: Copyright © 2012 – Devin O’Branagan

Devin O’Branagan is the bestselling author of paranormal thrillers, urban fantasy, paranormal chick lit, comic chick lit, and canine chick lit. She is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America and uses her writing projects to support animal rescue. Visit her website at www.DevinWrites.com to learn about her books and sign up for her monthly eNewsletter.




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