Live Life Humane: Lead by Example

By Andrew Puccetti

Out of all the ways to help animals, I find one solution to be the secret and my key: Be an inspiration and lead by example.

No matter what your age, you must realize that any difference you want to make starts with yourself. I always find it important to examine yourself periodically to see if you are living the way that you want others to live. If not, it is vital to adjust.

This works for one simple reason: If you show others how much they can do for animals, change and education come much easier. In fact, leading by example may even drive someone to research animal cruelty issues themselves, and they too may become a leader for others. People will be impressed with the way you live and will want to make changes in their own lives. This is the easiest and most successful way for young people to make a difference for animals.

Nowadays, you see many animal welfare/rights groups trying to scare or guilt others into a cause.  Although these groups do make a difference for animals, these tactics do not get anyone inspired or excited to speak up for animals. This is my goal with helping animals. I wish to inspire, not guilt. Motivate, not scare.

If you take some time to examine what is successful when it comes to helping animals, you will find that people like stories that are inspiring and show change. It should be our goal as animal lovers to make these stories happen and share them with others. Walk down the path of making a difference so others can follow.


Though only fifteen years old, Andrew Puccetti has already shown immense dedication and passion for the well-being of animals. Every other week Andrew will be here talking about the relationship between young people and animal rights–how they can make a difference, how they are already making a difference, and how important it is for kids to continue the fight for our animal companions. Learn about Andrew’s non-profit organization Live Life Humane and check out his blog!


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