How Kids Can Make a Difference for Farm Animals

I’ve always found it extremely important to educate young people about vegetarianism–most of them grow up surrounded by meat and do not even give the food they are served a second thought.

In today’s modern food system, most meat and dairy products come from industrial warehouses called factory farms. These facilities treat animals like objects instead of living creatures. The health and living conditions of the animals are completely ignored; many spend their lives in small, cramped, and dusty cages inside huge warehouses. Most animals in factory farms never get to do what is natural to them—they do not know green grass, the hot sun, or even hygiene. Animals do not have room to move around, and they are bred to grow at a faster pace than natural. Even worse, most farm animals are not included in animal cruelty laws, and what would be illegal to do to a cat or dog is okay to do to a chicken. The process of slaughtering is even more gruesome.

Although sad, this is the grim reality of our food system today. As a young person, there are many ways you can help farm animals. Read on for 7 ideas for how kids can make a difference for farm animals:

  1. Tell your friends and family.  As I’ve said in past articles, talking can be your best tool! Tell everyone you can about the issues farm animals are facing and how they can be helped.
  2. Post a video or picture. Are you a teenager on a social media website? Social media can play to your advantage. There are many educational videos or pictures on factory farming available online, and simply posting one can make a huge difference.
  3. Educate yourself. If you are going to help farmed animals, it is extremely important to know about the issue yourself. Although I described much in this post, I wanted to dwell more on how you can make a difference instead of the negativity. Thus, there is much more to learn. Read a book, search online, or watch a documentary—get all the facts so that you can better help teach others.
  4. Get involved with a local organization. There are many non-profit organizations out there working to help factory-farmed animals, and getting involved with these groups is a great way to spread the word and learn more about what’s going on.
  5. Go vegetarian! Cutting meat out of your diet is the best thing you can do for these animals. Not supporting the industry means helping them in your own way every single day. No matter what the age, a vegetarian diet is a great way to help these animals.
  6. Encourage restaurants to add vegetarian options. More and more restaurants are adding meat-free options, but if you find that a restaurant does not have enough, ask to speak to the manager and request more vegetarian foods.
  7. Teach others that animals are living creatures, not objects. Many people forget that life is life, no matter what the creature. Remind these people that life is to be respected.

No matter what your age, you can make a difference for farm animals. You have the power, and all you need is knowledge, motivation, and passion.

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