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My Puppy Is Not Really Afraid of Thunderstorms

May 24, 2012 by Laura Drucker in Behavior, Home with 2 Comments

Reggie has recently decided she is afraid of thunderstorms. I’m not that surprised—I know the exact moment that it started.

Reggie watching a storm from window (in braver times)

Last Sunday we were having a particularly intense storm. I was sitting at my desk working, and my boyfriend was trying to get in a few more minutes of sports-watching before the inevitable loss of satellite signal.

I saw it go down, and I couldn’t stop it in time. One large thunderous boom outside, and my boyfriend reached over, picked up Reggie, hugged her and kissed her and told her everything was going to be okay. Meanwhile, I look over, see what’s happening, and immediately everything turns to slow-motion as I go, “Nooooooooooo” and fall back in my chair with grief.

Because here’s the thing with dogs—they are manipulative. Behind those adorable puppy eyes and floppy ears is a brain just teeming with ideas for how to suck you in.

And so Reggie, who previously could not care less about storms, at this point makes a connection between those loud booms outside, and her Daddy coddling her. Eureka! I imagine she shouted in her mind, Thunderstorms are awesome for getting attention! And better yet—we live in Miami, which means there is a 50% chance of storms everyday from now until October!

Reggie immediately pleaded to sit in my lap at the desk. When I finished working (or, more literally, when I was forced to finish working because somebody’s fluffy head was blocking my computer screen) she went to the couch and parked herself here:

“I’ll just lay here and stare at you until you comfort me, okay?”

She spent the rest of the storm pitifully demanding attention, and we gave it to her because only the strongest of people can deny a scared little puppy some love and comfort. And we are not those people. We are just two pet parents completely whipped by a one-year-old puppy. I know that many dogs are legitimately terrified by thunderstorms, but I also know that my dog is 100% faking it. It’s going to be a long rainy season.



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