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DOGTV: Because Your Dog is Sick of Watching “Jersey Shore”

May 2, 2012 by Laura Drucker in Behavior, Featured, Home with 0 Comments

According to the website, DOGTV was conceived as a solution for dogs with separation anxiety.  Everything on the channel, from the brightness level to the camera angles, is designed specifically to relax or stimulate the anxious, home-alone dog. Segments are three to six minutes long, and include such things as slow-motion nature scenes, peacefully snoozing puppies, dogs rough-housing and playing fetch, and even the doorbell ringing. Watching DOGTV is meant to reduce dog’s stress levels, and give people some peace of mind when they leave their pup at home.

The concept is definitely intriguing, but is it effective? Is it even necessary? It is well understood that a little background noise can be useful for soothing anxiety-ridden dogs when their families are absent. Many people already leave the TV on for their pets, or at least some talk radio. The theory behind doing this is that it provides some useful stimulation and serves as a distraction. But just as we don’t leave Dora the Explorer on and expect our dogs to be speaking Spanish when we get home, can we truly expect a show to have the sort of effect on them DOGTV alleges to have?

So, will you be subscribing to DOGTV? Or do you think this virtual pet sitter is nothing more than hype?

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