Note From the Founder – April 2012

Janice Brown and LunaSpring is a magical time, especially for those of us in cold climates. Not unlike the moment in the Wizard of Oz when the movie goes from black and white to color, it’s as if someone flips a switch and the world around us comes alive.

Even with my measly 5 million scent receptors, I can smell the arrival of the warm weather. For my dog Luna and her 225 million, it’s pure joy. Her shiny black nose is like a pinball bouncing around from the grass, to the flowers, to a just-peed-on bush. Then there’s that adorable “twitching and staring” move she does—as if she’s holding a yoga pose—sniffing the air and taking it all in. Then she darts away in excitement, and her whole body smiles!

This past winter was unusually warm. And while definitely enjoyable, it freaked me out a bit. Having grown up in Chicago, I can’t remember the last time we had such a mild few months. [Editor’s note: I am writing this letter at the end of February, so if we had a major snowstorm in March please disregard the previous statement!]

So, what gives? Global warming? El Niño? No matter where you stand politically, you’ve got to admit that at least some of the fluctuations are due to how we treat Mother Nature.

This month we celebrate Earth Day, making it the perfect time to reflect on our habits—
recycling, scooping the poop, thinking about the amount of trash we create, etc. I explain to my kids that an entire paper towel roll is not necessary to wipe up a drop of milk on a daily basis. Luckily, there are animals out there who get it. Check out our profile of Max A. Pooch, the recycled dog who recycles.

And speaking of superheroes, insuring your pet may be the single most important act you  do to save your pet’s life. When my dog Maple died last August of cancer, I was forced to face the harsh reality of illness, vet bills, and tough decisions. Don’t miss our overview on the basics of pet insurance.

On a lighter note, I love hearing stories about how people and pets find each other. Funny woman Vicki Lawrence shares the love she has for her pets, how they have saved her more than once, why she believes adoption is the only way to go, and her belief that animals actually rescue their humans.

Enjoy this exciting time of sunshine, blue skies, and fresh air—

Janice Brown

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