Facebook Shuts Down Puppy Mill Ads

April 3, 2012 by Tails Magazine in Lifestyle with 8 Comments

PuppiesIn what’s being considered a huge victory for animal rights, Facebook has shut down puppy mill ads on its popular social networking site in response to the national campaign “No Pet Store Puppies” launched by the ASPCA.

The ASPCA is working with Facebook and Oodle (the classified service that powers Facebook’s Marketplace) to restrict listings of puppy mill dogs on the site. There is an ongoing process to remove existing listings but ensure individuals can continue to post dogs available for adoption or rehoming.

The ASPCA’s goal is to reduce Internet outlets puppy mill operators can use to reach potential customers. Many puppies sold online come from puppy mills and live in cruel and deplorable conditions—unsanitary and overcrowded. They have no access to veterinary care, food/water, or any sort of socialization.

“Most consumers are unaware they are perpetuating animal cruelty by purchasing a puppy online, and given the visibility of Marketplace on Facebook, this move has the potential to raise critical awareness about unscrupulous online breeders,” stated Ed Sayers, CEO of the ASPCA.

Puppy mills that sell directly over the Internet to consumers are able to avoid federal oversight and have little-to-no accountability for the way they treat the animals. To learn more about the ASPCA’s campaign to end puppy mills, visit NoPetStorePuppies.com.

For more information on stopping puppy mill cruelty, be sure to watch for the May issue of TAILS Magazine. We talk to Cari Meyers, President of The Puppy Mill Project, about how the organization is working to help pet stores that still sell puppy mill puppies stop, and instead go humane.

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