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Are You and Your Pets Eco-friendly?Are You and Your Pets Eco-friendly?

Chances are the answer is “yes.”

First of all, if you’ve adopted your cat, dog, or other pet from a rescue or shelter, then you’ve taken an important step in reducing the number of homeless pets. By not purchasing from a pet store or irresponsible breeder, you aren’t supporting cruel puppy and kitty mills. You’ve saved a precious life—that’s certainly eco-friendly!

Is your dog or cat spayed or neutered? If your pet hasn’t been spayed or neutered … what are you waiting for? Hopefully, not for an additional litter of puppies or kittens that will have a hard time finding homes in a world that already kills millions of homeless pets each year. Because spaying and neutering offers tremendous health benefits for your pet—avoidance of some illnesses and behavioral problems—you’re doing the healthy thing for your pet. That, too, is eco-friendly!

Do you pick up after your dog when you’re on a walk? Better yet, do you use biodegradable poop bags? Do you choose appropriate places for your dog to pee, whenever possible avoiding young trees, gardens, and other places that can be damaged by urine? Do you dispose of cat litter in the garbage instead of dumping it outdoors? All of these actions help to promote a healthy environment.

If you haven’t thought about it already, you might consider selecting eco-friendly products for your pets. Some companies offer leashes, collars, harnesses, and toys made with organic cotton and sustainable natural hemp. Today it’s also easy to find pet beds, grooming products, and pet foods that use materials and ingredients that are kind to the environment. A quick search on the Internet will yield dozens of possibilities for the eco-friendly pet!

Lastly, remember that love is eco-friendly. Share it in abundance with your furry companions, and they’ll make your world a better place!

Steve Gruber
Director of Communications,
Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

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