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Another One (BSL that is) Bites the Dust!

March 27, 2012 by Tails Magazine in Fun Stuff, Home with 1 Comment

This comes from our good friend Kerri and her fellow citizens in Wentzville, MO. She has been working tirelessly to rid her town of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and it finally worked, last week the Board of Aldermen voted to remove the BSL in Wentzville. Kerri had contacted TAILS and asked if we could provide her some hard copies of our recent article about BSL. She felt it told the story well and that it might help sway the vote in the right direction. Since then, Kerri has been keeping us updated on the progress. Here’s the note we received last week. Please join us in saying a huge thank you and congratulations to the people of Wentzville who fought for the animals. As Kerri says at the end of her note, there is more work to be done. But, this is proof that it can be done!

Well, it’s official! Pit Bull BSL is GONE in Wentzville….Woo Hoo! After over 15 yrs of Pit Bull BSL, the Wentzville Board of Aldermen voted 5-1 to remove the current animal ordinance which required Pit Bulls/Pit Bull mixes to be confined their homes (with closed windows) or  locked kennel runs UNLESS they were leashed AND muzzled. The new ordinance does not refer to specific breeds and stresses owner responsibility.

In the last meeting I attended, the board was considering removing electric/underground fences as an acceptable source of containment.  But in the end, the board voted to accept the new ordinance which allows the animals to be contained in the back yard with electric/underground fences and  without being on a leash or tie down.

I must say that I am proud to live in Wentzville where our aldermen are receptive to change and are willing to listen to the comments from their constituents. There was such tremendous support for the removal of Pit Bull BSL not only through e-mail and social networking, but also through attendance by constituents(both Pittie and non-pittie owners).  One woman, who is a neighbor of a Pittie owner, showed her support by attending and speaking at one of the meetings about how she used to be wary of Pit Bulls until she met her neighbor’s  Pittie boy. She said he is very friendly and even plays with her dog.

I know that there was some opposition, but they were not strong enough! For we, the Pittie lovers of Wentzville,  prevailed : )  I don’t know if you are old enough to remember Scooby Doo’s little cousin(or brother..not sure) “Scrappy Doo”. But he always said, “Puppy Power!”  I would like to change this to “Pittie Power!”

Thank you so much for ALL of your support during the past few months! If I hear of anymore Pittie BSL issues, I will keep you informed. Unfortunately, Pit Bull BSL is still in existence: (


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