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Moving in Together? Make it Stress-Free for Pets

February 19, 2012 by Jillian at Tails in Fun Stuff, Home with 0 Comments

Puppies in a suitcaseMoving can be a hassle. Let’s face it—from the packing to the hauling to the unpacking and putting things away it can get hectic and stressful. But what many people don’t understand is moving and combining a household can be especially stressful for pets.

From a new environment to new people to other pets, the move can be tough. Sometimes pets just don’t get along with new pets or people. TAILS wants to help you make this a positive experience, with the following tips:

  • Make sure pets are socialized early in their lives (if possible) and often. This can help them have the tolerance and skills to deal with being around other pets and people if there is a move.
  • Introduce dogs in a neutral place where neither has a stake in the property and feels compelled to protect it. Use leashes but be careful not to hold the leash too tight or Fido and Fifi will sense your tension and nervousness. Allow them to sniff each other and bark but watch for signs of fear and aggression.
  • Introduce cats by allowing them to sniff each other through a barrier and use a pheromone spray around the house to help create a sense of calm.
  • Introduce a dog to a cat in a space that allows for the cat to get away if he needs to escape and hide.
  • Enlist the help of a trainer and/or veterinarian—some pets may need life skills training and occasionally medication to help them learn to adjust their routines and behavior with other animals and people.

We know it can be a tough time for you as much as your pets when there is a move but hope that the tips above will help it be a peaceful experience for all!

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