Make Sure BSL Doesn’t Move Forward In Miami

February 16, 2012 by Tails Magazine in Home with 0 Comments

Miami lawmakers are debating today whether or not to include a resolution concerning Pit Bull bans on their primary election ballot. While some may see this is as a step forward, people like Dahlia Canes—president and founder of Dahlia Canes the Miami Coalition Against BSL—realize that this will do more harm than good.

In a statement, Canes said:

The battle has been long and hard…we have fought courageously and with great spirit and determination. Today some of your Miami Dade Commissioners ( Souto, Bovo, Jordan, and Diaz) decided to move forward with a primary election ballot resolution, although we opposed it; to place the question of the ban before the primary voters in Dade County in August.

This does not affect the Legislative Bills in Tallahassee…unless Rep. Carlos Trujillo kills his bill; in an agreement with Dade County Commissioners Suoto and Bovo for the vote to be placed on the primary ballot. I have expressed my concerns to Rep. Trujillo on this matter, as the general population of this county has been taught to fear anything remotely resembling a Pit Bull for 23 years. The cost to educate the voters will be very expensive for us and placing this effort on the primary ballot will limit the number of voters who actually will have a say in this matter.

I do congratulate Comm. Sally Heyman and Comm. Lynda Bell for siding with us in every way possible. The others, although in opposition to end the ban, claimed they were concerned with Tallahassee telling them what to do with their Home Rule Charter and opted to support the resolution to put the issue on the Primary ballot.

Where this leaves us…is too soon to say…we have to play the waiting game and hope that Rep. Trujillo keeps the bill alive. One thing…no matter what process or procedure we have to face…we will face the challenge with the will and determination that this noble breed, for which we fight for, has taught us! We have just begun!

Canes is asking for your help today.

She’s urging everyone to please call and email the legislators listed at the bottom of the page here. She also hopes people will continue emailing Rep. Carlos Trujillo and Senator Jim Norman urging them to continue forward with their bills.

For more information, please read this article and vote on the poll.

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