Disgusting: New McDonalds Radio Commercials Ask Which is Safer: Chicken McBites or Pit Bulls

February 3, 2012 by Jillian at Tails in Featured, Home with 4 Comments

Update: Thanks to TAILS readers and animal lovers everywhere your voices were heard and McDonald’s issued an apology and agreed to pull the ads. But is an apology enough for what they did? Some think not and have started a petition asking McDonald’s to make a donation to a Pit Bull rescue as a token of their remorse.

Wow. You’ve really gone too far this time McDonald’s.

As if your food wasn’t disgusting enough, your new advertising campaign is downright slimy.

To promote the new McBites, the new McDonald’s radio commercials reportedly claim that eating McBites is “less risky than petting a Pit Bull.”

Really? I’d personally much rather pet a Pit Bull than bite into any chemical filled item on the McDonald’s menu.

Animal lovers have been spreading the word about this tasteless campaign feverishly throughout the day using the image below.

Disgusting McDonald's Pit Bull Ad

A Facebook group called Pit Bulls Against McDonald’s was started this morning and is gaining momentum.

In addition, hundreds have already signed a Change.org petition calling for McDonald’s to pull the ad (please join us in signing it as well!).

According to ILoveDogs.com, the new ad campaign comes on the heels of McDonald’s announcing earlier this week that it will stop using what chef Jamie Oliver referred to as “pink slime” – meat byproducts treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill E. coli and other bacteria. The company issued a statement stressing its commitment to food safety.

In addition to signing the petition, we encourage you to call McDonald’s corporate headquarters to complain about the commercial at 800-244-6227.

As pet lovers, we must make a stand against corporations who continue to further the false and unjustified stereotype that harm bully breeds.



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