Compassion at the End

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Sonoran Local Hero - February 2012Karen Scherer opens her heart to dying animals

Mingus Manor is so much more than it appears. When you first hear about the facility, you may assume that it is a nursing home for senior animals or a hospice for animals without much time left. But to describe Karen Scherer’s work with those limitations would do a disservice to the huge impact she has made on both animals and people.

“Our main goal is to help senior citizens when their living arrangements change and they can no longer care for their animals,” says Scherer. “If they are going into the hospital or a nursing home, we take care of their animals so they don’t have to worry about them.”

Mingus Manor is a safe haven for senior and special needs animals that have been deemed unadoptable. They come to live out the rest of their lives in all of the peace and luxury that they deserve. The sanctuary sits on five acres of land and has plenty of wide-open space.

“They come here and they get to roam free, sleep wherever they want, and do whatever they want,” says Scherer. “We feel blessed that we have the resources to help these animals.”

One of those animals is a Golden Retriever named Goldie.

“Goldie came to us after her [caretaker] passed away,” explains Scherer. “She had been living outside with little human or animal interaction. She was very frightened of me when I went to get her, so it took some time.”

But once she entered Mingus Manor she was loved, cared for, and nursed back to health—both physically and mentally.

“We [realized] she was being eaten alive by fleas,” says Scherer. “But we cleaned her up and now she lives with me, spends time in the family room, and does not run away when people visit. She’ll never be the most sociable animal, but she really made a big turn.”

The animals are paired up in rooms for the night—most choose their own roommates—and are allowed complete freedom throughout the day. “They have the run of the land when they’re awake,” Scherer says with a smile.

Scherer is hoping to expand the facility’s land through state and federal grants to go along with the generous donations of her supporters. “If all goes well and we can get those grants, fundraise, and get the word out, hopefully we will be able to expand every year.”

Eva Vichules, one members of the Mingus Manor board, has seen Scherer’s passion first-hand. “She is a caring woman who loves and cares for the ‘old guys,’ most of whom have multiple medical problems, and some would even be categorized as being in an ‘end of life’ situation.”

Scherer believes no animal is unadoptable. “There is someone for everyone,” she observes. “If we can find those wonderful human beings that share our love and are willing to give them homes—we are all for that!”

You can help the animals at Mingus Manor by fostering or adopting (which is greatly needed at this time), volunteering, or donating money and supplies from their wish list.

You can also join their team at PetSmart’s People Saving Pets Walk on February 19, or you can attend the Mingus Manor Annual Doggy Wash on March 11.

For more information, please visit MingusManor.com.

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