The Faces of Dogfighting: Stallone’s Story [Video]

January 10, 2012 by Jillian at Tails in Featured, Home, Video with 1 Comment

Stallone Faces of DogfightingWarning: Graphic Content

This video will break your heart and leave you with a vision you may never forget.

And while I believe that we need to focus on all of the positive things going on in animal rescue right now, I also think it’s important, every once in a while, to be vividly reminded of why, as animal lovers and rescue advocates, we keep fighting for what we do.

To see the true faces of those innocent animals who have been so badly abused and neglected by mankind.

To be reminded of why we must continue the fight to end animal abuse and ensure all animals have the loving homes they deserve.

This is Stallone, and this is his story.

Stallone was one of hundreds of dogs rescued in July 2009 in the largest simultaneous raid of multiple dogfighting operations in the history of the United States. Following a lengthy investigation spurred by evidence collected by The Humane Society of Missouri, The HSUS joined with officers from multiple federal and state law enforcement agencies in raids in Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

When the rescuers came upon Stallone, they were shocked and heartbroken.

Never had they witnessed a dog in such bad shape. Stallone was tore to shreds with the worst of his injuries being on his face.

Stallone was visibly shaken and scared. But the whole time he was being cared for he was wagging his tail, giving kisses, and just wanted to be held.

The veterinarians did all they could to try and save Stallone, but in the end, his injuries were simply too severe and he did not make it.

Just like the HSUS rescue worker in the video, I am going to print out the photo of Stallone and hang it in my office.

Stallone deserved more. All dogs deserve more.

The man who committed this horrendous crime was sentenced to 24 months in jail. He deserved more.

It’s up to each one of us to put an END to dog fighting.

The most important thing you can do is keep your eyes and ears open. If you suspect a dog fighting in your neighborhood or hear of dog fighting, do not hesitate to contact your local police department or animal welfare organization.

Also be sure to check out Ten Ways to End Dog Fighting via the ASPCA.

And as for your dear Stallone, on behalf of Mankind, I am so sorry. I am so sorry that you went through life not knowing the love, joy, and companionship that can exist between a human and a dog. You did not die in vain and we will never forget you. You have inspired us to do more, push harder, and do all we can to ensure the well being and safety of animals everywhere.




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