Howard Stern Dogs Mitt Romney for Animal Abuse

January 13, 2012 by Jillian at Tails in Featured, Home with 6 Comments
Howard Stern Dogs Mitt Romney for Animal Abuse

Photo Credit: SC Forward Progress

Animal lover Howard Stern was horrified to learn that Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney strapped his Irish Setter Seamus in a crate to the roof of his car while traveling more than 12 hours from Boston to Canada.

While this incident happened more than three decades ago in 1983, it still doesn’t make the act any less despicable.

According to an article on Ecorazzi, the dog was so terrified that he had diarrhea down the sides of the vehicle.

Stern said on his show, “Mitt Romney seems like a fairly levelheaded guy. But there’s one story that I read about him…This sounds crazy to me. This is a real character flaw…I can’t even believe it’s true. They say that Mitt Romney had a [dog]. He had to take a long car ride. He tied the dog to the top of the car…I’m talking about—not like from his house to the drugstore…Like one of these crazy long trips—and the dog even s**t all over the [top] of the car because the dog was frightened…It shows me that this is a guy who has really whacked out judgment. It is so bizarre to take your family pet and strap him to the top of the car…It just shows me that there’s a lack of empathy for everything living.”

I have a hard time having faith in a man who uses such poor judgement when it comes to his pet.

Charles Doran said it best when he said, “A man’s soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog.”

As pet lovers, we can all agree that what Romney did was wrong, but should it play a part in our confidence in him to lead our country?

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