Devin’s Tails: Pets’ New Year’s Resolutions

Cindy Daniel's New Year's Photo

Photo of New Year’s dog courtesy of Cindy Daniel

In my comic novel, RED HOT LIBERTY, Australian Shepherd Talisman and her person, Valentino DeMitri, perform a New Year’s Eve rousing celebratory tribal dance of success together. Then Val, who is dressed up as Cher, heads out to a drag-queen intensive New Year’s Eve party. Talisman, who is dressed up as Ellen DeGeneres, would have liked to have gone with him, but wasn’t permitted to. I’m a mean, mean author. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more kind to my characters.

While pondering the subject of dogs and New Year’s resolutions, I decided to ask my Facebook friends what their pets’ New Year’s resolutions might be. Here are some of their responses:

Jeanne Hagen-Santiago said, “With my crew, that’s something I’m afraid to speculate!”

Dee Ambrose-Stahl provided me her pets’ resolutions as follows:

  • Ozzie (Golden Retriever) – “I’ll not go ballistic when I think someone has a tennis ball.”
  • Percy (Corgi) – “I’ve GOT to not bark my fool head off every time the garage door opens.”
  • Party (Corgi) – “I’m a baby! I resolve to have FUN!”
  • Isaiah (the Maine Coon) – “I’m a cat. We do what we want, when we want. You mere humans can ‘resolve’ all you like!”

Holly Regina Press New Year's Photo

Photo of New Year’s puppy courtesy of Holly Regina Press

Amy Starr Zuch:

  • Jake (the Dachshund) – “Poop less in the house.”
  • Winnie (the Cockapoo) – “Bark less. Oh wait…those are Mommy’s resolutions for us!”

Terri Williams DeGregorio’s Lexi’s resolution is, “Definitely to get to go with Mommy to work because when Mommy goes to work she’s gone for like twenty hundred hours…”

Meredith Wahlen Lunn’s dogs’ resolutions are:

  • Maddie: “Ditch the old broad on the other end of the leash. She makes me work too hard. I’m a dog for petey sake!”
  • Gulliver: “Ditch Maddie; she takes up too much of Mom’s time and I want to be the one that goes to work with her. I don’t mind a little work.”
  • Bunnie: “Ditch Mom, Gulliver AND Maddie – I want Dad all to myself.”

Rena Mortenson is praying that her dogs’ New Year’s resolutions will be as follows: “I will not dig in MaMa’s yard. I will not dig. I will not dig.”

Michael Groesbeck asked his dog and said, “She doesn’t understand New Year’s resolutions. She just grabs the leash and drops it at my feet. We’re going out now…”

I hope all my readers and their pets have a happy, safe, and healthy 2012, and may everyone’s New Year’s resolutions come true!

Copyright © 2011 – Devin O’Branagan

Photo of New Year’s puppy courtesy of Holly Regina Press

Photo of New Year’s dog courtesy of Cindy Daniel

Devin O'BranaganDevin O’Branagan is the bestselling author of paranormal thrillers, urban fantasy, paranormal chick lit, comic chick lit, and canine chick lit. She is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America and uses her writing projects to support animal rescue. Visit her website at www.DevinWrites.com to learn about her books and sign up for her monthly eNewsletter.


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