Local Hero – The “Kindest” act to pets in Minnesota

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Low cost, high quality spay/neuter procedures helping control the pet populationTwin Cities Hero - December 2011

Dr. Meghann Kruck has been talking about the overpopulation of pets, particularly cats, in St. Paul and Minneapolis for a long time. But she recently took action for the animals. Kruck opened Kindest Cut earlier this year to help prevent crowded animal shelters.

“Our mission is to bring down overpopulation,” explains Kruck. “We have a partnership with five different animal welfare organizations in St. Paul and Minneapolis to help us do this.”

Since Kindest Cut opened on May 16 of this year, Kruck and her team have performed more than 3,200 spay/neuter procedures, which she believes has had a tremendous effect on lowering the pet population.

“It has a huge ripple effect throughout time,” says Kruck. “There is a statistic that says every cat can make 11.6 million kittens as her kittens have kittens and so on. We have performed 1,200 spays on female cats, so that is about 13.9 billion.”

Throwing out numbers like that certainly grabs some attention, and Kruck believes that “the more education we can provide to people, the better off Minnesota is going to be.”

Kruck works as the director of Kindest Cut as well as the surgeon four days a week. She says there are challenges—including exhaustion—but that “the most difficult part is just knowing that there are so many more animals out there that we need to help.”

“Before we began this, there were 25,000 animals being brought into the shelters every year and they said they had to euthanize 50 percent of them because there were no homes—nobody would take them.”

Kruck and Kindest Cut work with Animal Care and Control as well as other organizations that perform humane trapping on feral cats and dogs. The surgeons make it as easy as possible, traveling to the animal’s location, usually the shelter, to perform the procedure on the animal.

The biggest part of Kindest Cut’s mission is to provide low cost, high quality spay/neuters to people who may not have the financial means to make frequent visits to the veterinarian.

“People want to do right by their pets and they’ll make sacrifices to feed their pet,” says Kruck. “But sometimes if the choice is between eating and paying the rent, or getting their pet spayed or neutered, there is no choice.”

Kindest Cut helps anyone who is not able to afford spay/neuter surgery, but proof of hardship is required. Those receiving disability income, food support, heating assistance, Medicaid, or living in Section 8 housing are just some of the people who are eligible.

Spaying and neutering are not only beneficial to keeping the pet population down, but it also improves the animal’s health and mood, and diminishes bad behavior as well.

Kruck knows that one of the most important parts of making Kindest Cut successful in their goal is to get the message out about the availability of their services. They advertise on billboards, bus stops, and shelters, through social media, local papers, press releases, and most importantly grassroots efforts.

“Spreading the word is wonderful,” says Kruck. “It is huge, making sure that people are talking about us and telling other people about what we do.”

In Kruck’s opinion, the one thing people should know is that they can have an impact as well. “Make sure your pet is spayed or neutered,” Kruck advises, “One by one it helps—and it makes a huge difference.

To learn more about Kruck and her work with Kindest Cut, please visit KindestCutMN.com.

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