12th Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Every year we search high 
and low for the coolest 
pet products on the market.
This season, we asked our in-house experts, the pet-loving TAILS staff, for their favorites.

TAILS Holiday Deals
The TAILS elves will be busy in December! 
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Happy Holidays!
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Items we just can’t live without:Beneful Prepared Meals

Nikki Scheel, Ad Manager
Joseph Williams, Finance Manager
Dog: Squidge
Beneful Prepared Meals
Squidge is a very picky eater and won’t eat dry food without a little something special mixed in. These work perfectly because they come in resealable containers so we can use just a little for each meal to mix in with his dry food and then store the rest in the fridge. They have whole vegetables like green beans and carrots, and lots of gravy. Squidge absolutely loves them!


Debbie Murray, COOYeowww! Banana
Cats: Grayson & Dakota
Yeowww! Banana
Grayson and Dakota battle over this catnip banana. It’s great for throwing at the wall, munching on, or just snuggling with. Due to excessive use, it now looks as if it’s been sitting out for too long—brown and no longer shaped like a banana … But they don’t seem to care!


Charlene Underly, National Account Executive
Dogs: Doogie and Max
Furminator Brush
This is the ultra undercoat brush. I especially use it during shedding season, to get more hair outside and less on my furniture! I can also completely un-mat Doogie, my long-haired German Shepherd, without him whining or trying to escape, which I could not do before I got the Furminator. It really has changed my entire brushing experience—it’s no longer an impossible task anymore!


LeBistro Programmable FeederCharles Pachter, Account Executive
Cats: Buddha and Kiwi
LeBistro Programmable Feeder
We love our cats, and we love to travel. So when we are away from home, even though we have someone check in on the kitties, our automatic feeder is a lifesaver. We also use the Deluxe Fresh Flow water fountain. They love the fresh water, and sometimes we catch them playing in the fountain, too!
Two lucky winners 
will receive 
a LeBistro of their very own!


Little EatzJules Bush, Louisville Regional Publisher
Pet: Cooper
Little Eatz Pet Treats
These are dog cookies that I can eat, too! They are perfect for training rewards since my dogs love them. Not only are they nutritious and delicious, but also I feel good about supporting a local business—they are manufactured right here in Louisville!
25% off your purchase; Use coupon code 
TAILS at checkout


CherylGoodness Gracious Treats Sullivan, Boston Regional Publisher
Dogs: Jazzy & Gizmo
Goodness Gracious Treats
Not only are these local, all-natural, handmade treats delicious, but also 51% of the profits get donated to animal shelters. My dogs love the taste of the 100% human grade beef, and I feel great about giving my dogs these healthy treats made with no preservatives. I also love that when I buy them, I am supporting the local pet community and helping save animals’ lives.
Receive a free gift with purchase; Use the code TAILS at checkout


Ruff-Ball, 800.381.1516
In our house, it’s all about the Ruff-Ball. It is a fun, non-toxic toy that my Yorkie, Gizmo, absolutely loves to play fetch or hide and seek with, and cannot live without! They come in bright colors and have messages on each ball supporting the earth or rescue and adoption. I also love that Ruff-Balls are made right here in the USA!


Gentle LeaderJules
Premier Gentle Leader
This is an amazing yet simple tool that helps me walk my dog … instead of my dog walking me! It does take a bit of getting used to, but once you and your dog have the hang of it, you will love it. It’s great for obedience training, too.



Brendan Quealy, Managing EditorComfort Harness
Dog: Luna
The Comfort Harness
Without this harness, I would not be able to safely take Luna for a ride or a run. The seatbelt attachment easily clips on and off making sure that she is safe for the drive to the park and ready for a run when I clip on the leash. 
I also love that it is made with 
eco-friendly recycled fabrics!


ThundershirtClare, Print Production Manager
Dog: Farfel
We put this on Farfel when he is in one of his “I’ll bark until you play ball with me modes,” and he instantly calms down. It also works wonders when company comes over, keeping him calm and preventing food stealing, too!


Janice Brown, Founder & Chief Strategy OfficerStop Bite
Dog: Luna
Fish: Hamburger
Alternatives to the cruel plastic cone!
Stop Bite, StopBite.net
Comfy Cone, AllFourPaws.com
When our dog Maple needed surgery, the vet sent us home with a traditional, hard plastic, embarrassing and annoying cone, a.k.a the Elizabethian collar. We immediately switched her to the Comfy Cone, a softer version that allowed her to lie down and rest comfortably, while keeping her away from her stitches. After she healed a bit mComfy Coneore, we switched her to the Stop Bite collar, a very wide neck collar, which also prevented licking her wounds, but gave her a bit more freedom to move, turn her head, and see her surroundings.
15% off your StopBite purchase; Call 847.341.3089 
and tell them you are a TAILS fan!
—Two lucky readers will receive Stop Bite collars!
—Four lucky winners will receive Comfy Cones!


Dogs: Doogie and MaxK9Koolie
K9 Koolee Tent
I saw this new product at a pet show, and I thought it was brilliant. It’s a canopy to keep dogs safe from the elements. Created by an athletic guy who spends hours at the beach each weekend, it’s great for hot weather activities. The shade and cool mat that this bed offers gives your pup a comfortable place to relax. It’s also easy to pack and easy to put together—a great combo for people on the go!
10% off purchase; Use coupon code TAILS at checkout


Nikki and JosephBobbi Panter
Bobbi Panter
Squidge has very sensitive skin and is prone to seasonal and environmental allergies. The entire Bobbi Panter line of shampoos, conditioners, and grooming sprays are a must-have to keep him comfortable and clean. The Itchy Dog Shampoo works wonders on his coat, and we love that it is made right here in Chicago. We love promoting and supporting local businesses!


Nikki and JosephPet Head
Pet Head
Squidge has very sensitive skin and is prone to seasonal and environmental allergies. The entire line of Pet Head shampoos, conditioners, and grooming sprays are a must-have to keep him comfortable and clean. The “Life’s An Itch” shampoo works wonders on his coat, and he smells delicious, too!
Three lucky readers will receive grooming shampoo 
for their dogs!


Gifts we dream about:

CharleneDoca Pet
Dogs: Doogie and Max
DogLeg Diner
This dog food holder is not only beautiful to look at, but it is the perfect height for large dogs, and it stays clean. I met the designer, Luke, at a pet show, and it is clear he is passionate about his design. My dogs will love this! 
  15% off your purchase; 
Email info@DocaPet.com 
and let Luke know you are a TAILS fan!


Nikki and JosephFlush Puppies
Dog: Squidge
Flushable Poop Bags
Flush Puppies, FlushPuppies.com
Flush Doggy
, FlushDoggy.com
I would love to find the flushable, water-soluble pet waste bags by Flush Puppies or Flush Doggy at my local pet supply stores. Most only stock standard plastic waste bags or the “biodegradable” bags that require oxygen to degrade (so if thFlush Doggyey get buried in a landfill, there’s no way they’re going to break down). The flushable, polyvinyl alcohol bags easily degrade in water and just get flushed! The bags easily break down in the water treatment systems, thus eliminating landfill contribution.
Flush Doggy—5% discount & free USA priority 
shipping; Use coupon code TAILS 
at checkout
—Flush Puppies, Try these cool bags 
for yourself. One winner per day through 
the month of December!


Cat: Chavo
TunaTreats Bonito Flakes
Chavo seems to be addicted to these amazing tuna flakes, and they will do anything for it. I like that these healthy flakes are big and I can easily toss them on the floor as kitty rewards. They are high quality and worth the money. I wish I could keep my cupboards fully stocked with Jumbo Jugs of these tasty treats.


Infrared MassagerBrendan
Dog: Luna
Infrared Pet Massager
My dog Luna loves to be brushed out. She usually flips over on her back with her tongue hanging out and just enjoys the attention. I am sure that she would love a nice massage after a long day of playing with Charlie in the backyard. This one heats up to soothe muscles even more.
20% off your entire order; Visit 
ROPaws.com and use the codeTAILS20


JaniceDNA Portrait
Dog: Luna
DNA Portrait
I recently saw these at the pet trade show, and it was refreshing to see something so unique and different. With a quick swab of your pet’s saliva, this company will create a one-of-a-kind image of your pet’s DNA, and beautifully frame it next to a photo you choose. You have instant art, that not only looks good but allows you to keep a little piece of your pet that will forever be a cherished memory.


ClareGlow for Good Ball
Dog: Farfel
Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Ball
I really want a ball that Farfel cannot destroy in less than half an hour. He has been known to take out “indestructible” dog toys in less than 10 minutes. We are talking super jaws here. I heard about this toy, and saw it got “5 out of 5 Chompers” on the Chew-o-Meter. I also LOVE that 100% of the proceeds of this recycled, bouncing, glowing, floating ball go to the Planet Dog Foundation, which supports canine service programs. I’ve been good, Santa!
Free Shipping on any online order of 
$20.00; Use coupon code TAILS11 at checkout
—One lucky reader will receive a Planet Dog 
Holiday Package, full of toys, treats, and

even a stocking! Check our Facebook and 
Twitter pages throughout December for 
more info.


The Refined FelineDebbie
Kitty Ball Cat Bed
This fabulous cat bed would be a great addition to my home, offering style combined with a comfortable and cuddly place for the cats to call their own. I love the fact that it’s elevated, since the cats like to “perch” and check things out. It comes in a few different colors, but I love the espresso.
10% off your purchase; Use coupon codeTAILS at checkout



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