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DIY—Time Capsule

November 3, 2011 by Tails Magazine in Fun Stuff, November 2011 with 0 Comments

Celebrate your pet’s life by creating a special place to remember milestones and memories. Even if you have no intention of actually burying your time capsule for archeologists to dig up 200 years from now, you will cherish this for years to come, and feel good that everything is safe and in one place. This is the perfect project to create with the entire family, so get creative and have fun!

Before You Get Started:
Think about how you want to use your time capsule. Will you want to look at it often? In five or ten years? Longer? The type of container you choose depends on how many years it needs to last and where you store it.

1. Choose an appropriate container. It should keep out air and liquid, and be strong enough to protect the contents if it’s dropped or something is dropped on it. It also must be non-biodegradable, like plastic, metal, or heavy-duty rubber. You can use household items such as food storage containers or metal tins with sturdy well-sealed lids (popcorn tins work well.) For a little bit more money, you can find “official” time capsule vessels online or at specialty stores.

2. Gather items that have meaning to you and your family. Personalized Time Capsule
Some ideas include:
• Adoption certificate
• First vet exam records
• Baby teeth
• Clipping of fur
• First tiny collar
• Favorite chewed up teething toy
• Photographs (images with human family members will add to the fun in years to come)
• Have everyone write down favorite memories (ideally with archival ink on archival paper)

3. Mark everything clearly so you know what it is and why it’s important to you. You may think you will never forget, but as time passes or if someone else opens it, this information is important.

4. Fill the capsule with the heaviest items on the bottom. Be sure you seal it tightly! For a more permanent seal, turn it over and drip candle wax along the edge of the lid.

Important Things to Remember:
1. Do not include anything that could decay or damage the contents, such as bones, toys with catnip, or batteries. Also, don’t bother with computer media. Even if they physically hold up over time, chances are they may be obsolete when the capsule is opened.
2. Protect contents from decay by using individual airtight plastic bags for each item.
3. Store in a cool dry place.
4. Write yourself a note in a safe place, or tell other family members where you store it!

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