Puppy Swallows a Garden Flag Pole

October 7, 2011 by Jillian at Tails in Home with 0 Comments
Puppy swallows flag pole

Photo credit: Fox10tv.com

We all know how much trouble puppies can get into. Their curiosity often gets the best of them and leads to trouble. For Blue, a 12-week-old, 15 pound pit bull puppy, this curiosity almost led to his death.

Last week in Mobile, Alabama the guardians of the pit bull puppy discovered he had swallowed a garden flag pole. The flag pole had a 15-inch shaft and a crossbar that prevented Blue from completely swallowing the pole.

Terrified, the guardians tried to pull the pole out of the young pup’s throat. However, the puppy’s gag reflex prevented the pole from being dislodged and Blue kept re-swallowing the post which became lodged deeper in his stomach.

The panicked guardians quickly rushed Blue to an after-hours emergency clinic, Rehm Animal Clinic on Hillcrest. Dr. Caroline Rehm quickly assessed the situation and saw that Blue was gasping, agitated, and could barely breathe. Dr. Rehm had little hope for the puppy’s survival noting that if the pole had been swallowed the puppy surely would have died.

The owners insisted she try to save the puppy despite the bleak outlook. Dr. Rehm began a 90 minute surgery to save little Blue. She cut off the crossbar using bolt cutters and was then able to remove the shaft. Dr. Rehm noted a great deal of bruising in the pup’s stomach, but luckily no perforations.

Incredibly, Blue is on the mend and recovering quickly. He is on antibiotics, eating again, and under the close supervision of Dr. Rehm. Once he is healed up he can return home with his very grateful guardians who will be keeping a very close eye on him from now on.

We are so glad to hear that Blue is okay!

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