Millionaire Pets

October 17, 2011 by Jillian at Tails in Home with 0 Comments

millionaire petsIndividuals often leave provisions in place for their loved ones, including their beloved pets. Statistics from the Washington University School of Law show between 12 and 27 percent of pet owners leave an inheritance to their pets in their wills. Furthermore, pet trusts have become increasingly popular prompting 39 U.S. states to enact statutes outlining them in detail. These pet trusts average about $30,000 providing for necessities and care. However, wealthy owner’s often have very pampered pets who receive a much higher sum. Take a look at some of these shocking inheritances bequeathed to pets.

Oprah’s Pups: According to Forbes, Oprah’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.7 billion. It is rumored the retired talk show host has set aside $30 million for the care of her pampered pooches.

Flossie: Drew Barrymore added provisions in her will leaving her Labrador mix, Flossie, with a $1.3 million dollar house in 2002. The large inheritance comes after Flossie alerted Barrymore and her then husband, Tom Green, of a house fire. Barrymore said Flossie banged on their bedroom door until they woke up.

Nicholas: British singer Dusty Springfield passed away in 1999 leaving very strict instructions for the care of her 13-year-old ragdoll cat. Among the requirements, it was stated that Nicholas must be fed imported American baby food, live in a 7-foot-high indoor tree house with amenities including catnip, scratching posts, a bed lined with one of her nightgowns, and Springfield’s music must be played every night before the cat slept. Apparently, the singer even arranged for Nicholas to be “married” to a 5-year-old English blue breed feline belonging to her friend, Lee Everett-Alkin, who is also Nicholas’ guardian.

Gunther IV: Carlotta Liebenstein, a German countess who died in 1991 left her fortune to her dog Gunther III. Unfortunately, Gunther III died a month later passing his wealth on to his son, Gunther IV, whose estimated worth is about $372 million. Gunther IV is considered the richest pet in the world. Gunther IV is also rumored to have a personal maid, a chauffeur-driven limo, and may be the owner of a home in Miami that once belonged to Madonna.

Betty White’s Pets: It is also reported that Betty White is planning to leave a $5 million trust to her animals.

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