Black Dog and Black Cat Syndrome

September 14, 2011 by Jillian at Tails in Home, Video with 0 Comments

Black dog syndromeEach day thousands of loving, deserving pets go unadopted simply because of the color of their fur. This is known as Black Dog Syndrome or Black Cat Syndrome.

So why the discrimination against dark color pets? I think it’s a perception thing. Just like the color and packaging of a product affect your purchasing decision the same theory also applies (unfairly) to adopting a pet. People’s eyes are naturally drawn to lighter color dogs and they often “feel” that they are friendlier. Obviously the color of the pets’ fur has nothing to do with personality, behavior, or their ability to be a great pet.

Black pets also don’t always photograph well compared to lighter color pets and therefore may be overlooked on shelter and rescue websites.

When it comes to cats, people tend to be superstitious. They don’t want to adopt a black cat out of fear that they are witches, unlucky, or evil. All of which are totally untrue.

The next time you are looking to adopt a dog or cat, take personality into account not the color of the fur. Talk to the shelter workers or the workers at the rescue group, and make an informed decision.

Also check out this video from The American Dog Magazine which seeks to eliminate this bias toward black pets.

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