Who’s in Bed With … Sophie B. Hawkins

By Dustin Fitzharris

It’s been 18 years since Sophie B. Hawkins released her smash, debut single “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover.” Since then, she’s continued to make music, and recently she’s also settled into motherhood. In November 2008, the native New Yorker gave birth to her son, Dashiell.
Sophie B. Hawkins
These days Hawkins is much more relaxed and reflective about her life. She’s withstood a damaged childhood and weathered the highs and lows of a career that once had her at the top of the charts. Today she’s working on bringing a musical she’s written to the Broadway stage, and also has a new album in the works.

Through it all, Hawkins, whose hit “As I Lay Me Down” broke records on the charts, has never veered away from her love for animals. She was outspoken about the oil spill in the Gulf in 2010 and even took money out of her savings to make a trip to lend her support. Last year she teamed up with the Waterkeeper Alliance, an organization of advocates who patrol and protect rivers, streams, and coastlines in six continents. The profits from one of her latest songs, “The Land, the Sea, and the Sky” are all going to the organization.

In 2008 the National Marine Life Center honored her with the its Townsend Hornor Environmental Stewardship Award in recognition of her work on the 2004 National Wildlife Federation documentary, “Wildlife Survivors: A Tale of Two Turtles” and her extensive work with the Sea Turtle Restoration Project to establish the Kemp’s Ridley Marine Reserve along the Texas gulf coast.

On the road Hawkins may be a star, but at home it’s her son and her three doggies, Huckleberry, Finn, and Sailor and her cat, Owl, who steal the show. TAILS caught up with Hawkins to get the scoop on what happens with her doggies when they all lay down to sleep.


Tell us about your doggies.
Sophie B. Hawkins: Huckleberry is a calm, 9-year-old, long-hair black miniature Dachshund. He is a great traveler, worries when I’m upset, and wants to be where the action is, but only as an observer. Huckleberry is sophisticated, glamorous, and displays surprising bursts of play every so often. Finn is a 5-year-old, English cream long-hair miniature Dachshund who is dominant, possessive, fiercely protective, and wants me to continually prove she’s my baby. Finn is competitive with my son, yet adores him at the same time. On the other hand, she risks everything to be where I am, and emotionally speaking, her heart is on her paw. Last but not least, Sailor is the same age and breed as Finn, but the male version! He is scrappy, wild, independent, young, nervous, and the most amazing cuddler. He’s my son’s best friend, he’s tolerant, and ever the innocent.

What kind of bedtime rituals do you go through?
Sailor has to run through the yard and chase out any vermin. I have to get him every night under some thorny bush. Finn just does her business and is immediately ready to come in. Huck is already in bed stretched across as many pillows as possible. I have to carry Sailor and Finn upstairs and plop them on the bed and the drama to secure their spots ensues. The cat, Owl, watches the ritual then settles down on her spot, which is my spot.

Do they hog the pillow?
My whole house is one giant dog bed.

Do they steal the covers?
Sailor sleeps next to my heart every night. I can’t sleep without him when I’m home. He makes me feel safe, especially when there are battles raging in my head. Finn is like a hedge I roll into sometimes. Huckleberry tries to sleep on my hair.

Do they snore?
Whoever is really snoring, Huck gets blamed for it!

Do they like to cuddle?
They all like to cuddle, but Sailor is the real professional.

Are they early risers or do they like to sleep in?
No one in my house is an early riser, thank the lord! In fact, Huck would stay in bed forever if he could.

What’s the best part of sleeping with the whole clan?
My fur babies are the ideal babies; soft, warm, reassuring, cute, innocent, and brimming with pure love.

What’s the worst?
There is no worst, I look forward to getting in bed, and I never feel I get enough down time with them. Morning comes too soon.

What do you think they dream about?
I think Huck dreams about being young and on the road, her old flames and great moments stealing my show. Finn probably dreams about being an only child, and Sailor must dream about chicken livers and chasing squirrels.

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